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Pages that need Transcribing

3181 P0 Unit 474 1877 174 0003 small.jpg

Why not have a go at transcribing some records on the Wiki? A good tip is to pick a record that sounds interesting to you. We will endeavor to keep updating this list as more pages in need of transcriptions are added:

Robert Wallace Howes Kew Asylum Patient Record
J Browne & Others - asking to have the name Whelans Lane altered to Casselden Street
Proceedings of the Inquest held upon the body of Robert Wallace Howes
Wisewould & Gibbs - asking if the corporation has any claim to Emu Place
Closer (and Soldier) Settlement Files - Trawalla Estate
Records relating to Alice Ball
Proceedings of the Inquest held upon the body of Emily Mary Page Stone
Receipts from John Ellis Senior and John Ellis
Will and Probate of George Lightfoot
Midwives Register - Sarah Jane Ellis
Applications For Residence and Business Areas and Claims, Ballarat District, Central Division – Albert Street Sebastopol
PROV VPRS 6 / P0, Unit 1 Outward Letter Books (Part 2)
PROV VPRS 6 / P0, Unit 1 Outward Letter Books (Part 3)
Surveyors' Field Books, Black Sequence - Bundle 79, Book 1154 Hoddle R. Melbourne Williamstown
Special Files - Bundle 14: No.13 Massacre of Polynesians on board the Carl
Applications to Mine on Private Property –Lease Number 720 Sebastopol
The Albert - Transcript of Register
Special Files - Bundle 14: No. 6 - Reported Atrocities at Solomon Islands 1871
Special Files - Bundle 12: No.5 Licences granted to Mr Evans of Palmerston, Suwarrow and Dudosa Islands
The Restoration of Jardwadjali and Djab wurrun names for Rock Art Sites and Landscape Features in and around the Grampians National Park - needs text correction
Special Files - Bundle 11: No.12 Letters re activities of Brewer & Evans in Fiji Islands
Special Files - Bundle 12: No.1 Shipment of British Coolies for New Caledonia
Special Files - Bundle 12: No.5 Licences granted to Mr Evans of Palmerston, Suwarrow and Dudosa Islands
Naming of Streets and Suburbs - Request for List of Victorian Rivers
Sample page from Police Magistrate’s Register (Record of the Month - January 2013)

Transcribing Records FAQ

Where do I find Transcribed Records on the Wiki?

A quick and simple way to see a list of transcribed records on the PROV Wiki is to visit the Category page for Transcribed Records

What does a Transcribed Record page look like?

Transcribed records pages have an image of a digitised record on the left side of the page and a space for transcriptions on the right side of the page. Jerilderie Letter is an an example of a Transcribed Record.

How do I transcribe a page?

Click on the link to the page that needs transcribing (from the list above). Once you are on the page, click on the Edit with Form tab at the top of the page.

After clicking on this tab, you will find yourself inside the form. Here you can add your transcription in the boxes called Transcript and Transcript Margin Notes. 

But what if the page has already been transcribed?

A transcription may have mistakes and need corrections, but if you want to transcribe a record from scratch, we have a list of pages that need transcribing further down the page.

What if I can't see the Edit with Form tab?

Check that you are logged in and that you are on a Transcribed Record page.

When I'm in the form, I can't see the image of the record. How do I transcribe it?

This is something we are looking to improve upon. For now, a strategy is to open up two pages, one of the image and one of the form. To do this, when you are inside the form, right-click on the Page tab and click on Open Link in a New Window. Zoom in on your image of a digitised record by clicking on it twice. The next step is to minimise your website pages and position them so that they are side-by-side. You can always print out the image that you want to transcribe if this is too tricky.

What if I can't decipher a word when I'm transcribing?

When transcribing old documents with handwriting, it can be difficult to decipher every word. If this happens add a question mark in square brackets like this [?] or add the word [illegible].

The record has a spelling mistake, should I correct this in the transcription?

It is important to create an exact copy of the original document in your transcription. This means that you should misspell words in your transcript that are misspelt in the original document. The same rule applies to punctuation and abbreviations.

How do I transcribe a record that isn't on the Wiki yet?

Visit the step by step guide on how to create a transcribed record page.

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