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Imported from is a special property in Semantic MediaWiki with a built-in meaning. It allows users to reuse elements of external vocabularies directly within the wiki.

Pages using the property "Imported from"

This property is a special property in this wiki. Showing 21 pages using this property.


Format +dcterms:format  +


Has birth date +dcterms:date  +
Has date +dcterms:date  +
Has death date +dcterms:date  +
Has description +dcterms:description  +
Has disease +oboInOwl:DOID_0050117  +
Has image +foaf:img  +
Has language +dcterms:language  +
Has person name +foaf:name  +
Has record agency +dcterms:creator  +
Has record citation +dcterms:identifier  +
Has record type +dcterms:type  +
Has related resource +dcterms:relation  +
Has rights +dcterms:rights  +


Image +foaf:img  +


Latitude +geo:lat  +
Located in +geo:location  +
Longitude +geo:long  +


Same as +owl:sameAs  +


Thumbnail +foaf:img  +
Title +dcterms:title  +
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