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Assisted Immigrants from U.K. - Thomas Lemon +Arrival of Thomas Lemon and family  +


Ballarat Botanical Gardens - Clunes Hospital, re Kangaroo for Gardens +Kangaroo at Clunes Hospital  +
Ballarat Botanical Gardens - Geo Longley, List of Tools required for the Gardens +Tools required for the Gardens  +
Ballarat Botanical Gardens - Invoice of Seeds +Invoice of seeds  +
Ballarat Botanical Gardens - Letter from Zoological Gardens, Calcutta +Letter from Zoological Gardens, Calcutta  +
Ballarat Botanical Gardens - Mouse - Coloured Flying Squirrel +Mouse-Coloured Flying Squirrel  +
Ballarat Botanical Gardens - re Dangerous Kangaroo +Dangerous kangaroo  +
Beaufort War Memorial +7th April 1919  +, 5th May 1919  +, 1st December 1919  +,
Biddy Cassidy +To Portland via Brig "Raven"  +
Bridget Bergin +To Portland via Brig "Raven"  +
Bridget Clune +To Portland via Brig "Raven"  +
Bridget Connell +To  +
Bridget Keane +To Portland via Brig "Raven"  +
Bridget Magrath +To Portland via Brig "Raven"  +
Bridget McMahon (2) +To Portland via Brig "Raven"  +
Brunswick Technical School +Exterior of Brunswick Technical School  +


Captain Lonsdale - secret despatches to Governor Bourke +Lonsdale to Bourke - 1 - page 1  +, Lonsdale to Bourke - 1 - page 2  +, Lonsdale to Bourke - 1 - page 3  +,
Caroline Chisholm +Caroline Chisholm, by Angelo Collen Hayter, 1852 National Library of Australia, nla.pic-an9193363  +
Catherine Brennan +Prison record of Catherine Brennan - VPRS 516/P0000/000001 Prisoner No. 150  +
Catherine Lanagan +To Portland via Brig "Raven"  +
Catherine McGuire +To Portland via Brig "Raven"  +
Charles Hotham +Charles Hotham (1806-1855), by Batchelder's, La Trobe Picture Collection, State Library of Victoria, H29538  +
Children's Court Registers, Ballarat East - Fruit stolen from the property of Walter Bryant +Walter Bryant  +, Fruit stolen from property of Walter Bryant  +
Children's Court Registers, Ballarat East - Harold Auchetl, Riding Bicycle on Wrong Side of the Street +Riding a bicycle on the wrong side of the road  +
Chinese Dragon In Street Parade +GLS photograph (215*165mm) VPRS 12800/P1 Unit 836 BOX648-02 Image identifier: 12903-p00001-000836-040, Date scanned: 7-04-05  +
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