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This is a page that describes what makes the PROV wiki different from other wikis and showcases some of the different things that can be done using this added functionality.

A Semantic Wiki

The PROV wiki is a semantic wiki. This means that you can annotate its content and then use those annotations or 'tags' to search across the wiki for related content.

You can view the different types of tags in use here. You can browse a wiki category by various filters that use these tags.

A Collaborative Database

Because the PROV wiki is a 'collaborative database' you can also create tools to query its contents. Here are some examples:

Search the PROV wiki by:

Machine Readable

The great thing about PROV wiki pages is that they are machine readable. This means that if a page has been tagged, a search engine that 'crawls' through the wiki will retrieve those tags and hopefully provide a meaningful search result for the user.

Here's what a machine readable representation of a page looks like. This machine readable page gives the search engine some important bits of information such as the page title, its subject matter, geographic locations associated with it, people's names associated with it, dates etc.

These machine readable pages can be exported from the PROV wiki either as RDF or as XML. Why is this useful? Because it means that if we ever need to export all the content on the wiki, or move it to a new location we can do it at the click of a button! It also means that we can make it available as linked open data.

To Infinity and Beyond!

If you're the type of person who gets really excited by the prospect of using wiki text to query the PROV wiki then you might like to check out the semantic search function. If you need help on using it check out this page.

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