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Garden Party, Notes, Government House, Melbourne is associated with Government House, Melbourne, Victoria located at these coordinates -37.827671, 144.9772437

Notes from Garden Party held at Government House, 1954.

Record Citation: VPRS 8314 / P1, Unit 1, File 5
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Agency: VA 466 Governor (c1911)
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Date: 2 March 1954
Record Type: Invitation
Event Type: "Garden Party" is not in the list of possible values (Anniversary, Application for Registration, Arrival, Assault, Australia Day, Ball, Battle, Bridge Collapse, Burial, Call to Arms, Celebration, Ceremony, Charge, Christmas, Circus Performance, Claim Jumping Case, Complaint, Conviction, Coronation, Coup, Departure, Dismissal, Dispossession, Divorce, Education, Exhibition, Exam Results, Fight, Fire, Group Photograph, Illness, Immigration, Inquisition, Insolvency, Launch, Lost Property, Mosquito Bite, Murder, Official Tour, Opening, Parade, Political Meeting, Rate Collection, Rebellion, Recruitment, Resignation, Riot, Royal Visit, Sedition, Shooting, Shoot-out, Show of Force, Suicide, Tender, Theatrical Performance, Theft, Trial, Unsolved Murder, Uprising) for this property.
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8314 P1, Unit 1, file no cropped.jpeg.jpg GOVERNTMENT HOUSE,




There were nearly 6,000 people at the Garden Party, and at no time were the lawns crowded.

The Caterers catered for 4,500 and allowed staff for 5,000. They supplied 160 Waitresses for this number, and 40 ladies from the Country Women's Association gave their services to assist with the tea. There was ample spcae in the marquees, plenty of staff, and it was very easy to get tea.

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