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Eureka Stockade:Letter from Capt. Thomas - no police from Geelong needed is associated with Ballarat, Victoria located at these coordinates -37.5621071, 143.8561493

The letters in this item, dating from 4 to 6 December 1854, demonstrate the zeal of Geelong in its support for the efforts of the government, and its readiness to send reinforcements of police to Ballarat should the need arise.

Record Citation: VPRS 4066/P Unit 1, December 1854 no. 39
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Agency: VA 466 Governor (including Lieutenant Governor 1851-1855 and Governor's Office)
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Date: 4/12/1854
Record Type: Letter
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The Excellency Sir Charles Hotham ?

Answered 6/12/54

Geelong Tuesday December 5th 1854 Sir, I do myself the honour of informing your Excellency that I considered it my duty to place myself in communication with the Officer commanding the military at Ballarat for the purpose of ascertaining from him whether the Police Force of the town of Geelong would be required at the Diggings and also requesting of him to give me every information should any fresh outbreak occur. I have the honour to enclose a copy of his letter to

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File:04066-p0000-000001-0070-390-001v.jpg to me and His Excellency will rejoice to find that by the decisive measures adopted quietness is apparently restored. My object in writing to the officer in charge at the military will be apparent to His Excellency as I had reason to believe the Police Force would have been ordered out of Town consequently our Goal Treasury Bank teller, would be left unprotected. I am happy however to inform His Excellency that from the readiness of the people to act as special constables should the police be required at Ballarat volunteers to very large numbers were ready and willing at a moments notice to enrol themselves as Special Constables sufficient in numbers to guard the different establishments and

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File:04066-p0000-000001-0070-390-002.jpg and should any appearance of outbreak take place the inhabitants are ready to a man to support the authorities and to protect the town from any aggression. In conclusion I have to observe and which must be pleasing to His Excellency that every desire and good feeling is more than ever realised by the community in giving expressions of loyalty to Her Most Gracious Majesty and to Her Representative.

I have the honour to be your Excellency’s most obedient servant [signature illegible]

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