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Welcome to the project space for Beyond Hoddle's Grid

Learn, share and contribute to the project


Melbourne's Grid, VPRS 8168/P2, Unit 6188, Sydney M26, (Town of Melbourne, 1837)

Funded by Museums Australia Victoria, this project involves research and development for the exhibition Beyond Hoddle's Grid.

Beyond Hoddle's Grid looks at how land has been lost, lived in, named, bought, sold, and altered in Victoria. We will explore and question the changing relationship Victorians have had, and continue to have, to land and country.

An integral element of the exhibition will be contributions from the public, as we ask the question, what is your relationship to the land you live on?

Themes/Starting Points:

Changes in land use
Relationship to land
What's in a name?
Land Value
Hoddle's Grid

The Hoddle team:

The Hoddle team is made up of contributors from Public Record Office Victoria, Geelong Heritage Centre, Bacchus Marsh and District Historical Society and Stratford and District Historical Society and Museum.Two-day research and development workshops facilitated by Public Record Office Victoria be held in three locations: Geelong, Bacchus Marsh and Stratford.

We also want you to get involved. During the project, we'll be adding 'Hoddle Quests' to the list below. All contributors will be credited as such in the Exhibition Brief as well as being provided with opportunities to learn about exhibition development, interpretation and digital tools and technologies along the way.

Hoddle Quests:

Help transcribe a page from:

PROV VPRS 6 / P0, Unit 1 Outward Letter Books (Part 2)
PROV VPRS 6 / P0, Unit 1 Outward Letter Books (Part 3)
Surveyors' Field Books, Black Sequence - Bundle 79, Book 1154 Hoddle R. Melbourne Williamstown
The Restoration of Jardwadjali and Djab wurrun names for Rock Art Sites and Landscape Features in and around the Grampians National Park

Check back later for future quests to be added as the project progresses

Mini projects

We also have a page to put up ideas for involving people, presenting the exhibition and so on.

Beyond the Grid


What's in a Name - Germantown to Grovedale

Changes in Land Use/Relationship to Land - Norlane Estate


Bacchus Marsh

Active Contributors:



User:Asa Letourneau

User:Lisa Fletcher2

User:Daniel Wilksch






If you'd like to contribute but can't wrap your head around the Wiki, contact for a free lesson.

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