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Amy Tasmania Barrett is associated with Launcestion, Tasmania located at these coordinates -41.4370868, 147.1393767

Date of Birth: 27th November 1854
Date of Death: 8th February 1933
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Amy Tasmania GOODWIN was born 27 November 1854 in Launcestion Tasmania. She was the daughter of Medman GOODWIN and Elizabeth ( Thompson.) Granddaughter of the infamous William Lushington GOODWIN. Former Ship Captain of the kains and Editor of the cornwell chronical.

Amy was one of seven children, her eldest brother being Medmar William B 1850 and youngest George Craig B 1856. Amy had four sisters unnamed on their birth certificates B 1859,1863,1865 and 1868. One sister has been found to be Elizabeth L who married Wm A Walsh S.A. A second sister is Jessie May B 1859 in Launceston Tasmania. She married George Henry RADFORD and has the following children. William francis B 1882, Wilhelmina May B 1887, Ernest Medmer Lushington B 1889, Abraham Charles Young B 1895 and Henry George B 1899.

Amy married George Wilkinson BARRETT at the Chalmers Manse Launceston according to the rites of the Free Church of Scotland 28 April 1875. They had the following children: George Tasman Hope 1875, William Medmar Wilkinson B 1878, Ernest Norton George B 1879, Leslie Hobart B 1881, Sidney Percival B 1887 ( Melbourne) and Leo Darcy Wentowrth B 1893 (Melbourne) Died 9 years.

1891.... Amy was a signatory on The 1891 Women's Suffrage Petition residing at 75 Abbotsford St, Nth Melbourne. You can see the entire petition on the Parliament of Victoria Website.

1903.... The family are found living at 31 McGregor Street South Melbourne

1911.... They were living at 17 Longmore Street South Melbourne

1912.... and at 293 Richardson Street Middle Park

Husband George died 14 Jul 1912 ( 70y)

1919.... Amy and son Sidney are living at 95 Christmas Street Northcote

Her last know address was 1931.... 45 Hanover Street Brunswick West

Amy died 8 Feb 1933 age 77 years and is buried at the Melbourne General Cemetery C of E section Z along with her husband George and their son Leo.

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(Information courtesy of Margaret Flynn great grand-daughter to Amy Barrett)

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Has birth date27 November 1854 +
Has coordinates41° 26' 14" S, 147° 8' 22" ELatitude: -41.4370868
Longitude: 147.1393767
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Has death date8 February 1933 +
Has keywords1891 women's suffrage petition +, amy tasmania goodwin +, elizabeth thompson +, elizabeth goodwin + and kains +
Has occupationcornwell chronical +
Has person nameAmy Tasmania GOODWIN +, William Lushington GOODWIN +, Medmar William B +, George Craig B +, Elizabeth L +, Wm A Walsh +, Jessie May B +, George Henry RADFORD +, William francis B +, Wilhelmina May B +, Ernest Medmer Lushington B +, Abraham Charles Young B +, Henry George B +, George Wilkinson BARRETT +, George Tasman Hope +, William Medmar Wilkinson +, Ernest Norton George B +, Leslie Hobart B +, Sidney Percival B + and Leo Darcy Wentowrth B +
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Latitude-41.437 +
Located inLauncestion, Tasmania +
Longitude147.139 +
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