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Hello visitors looking for images of the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne!

To find these images on the Wiki you can:

  1. Browse the thumbnail galleries below. They are sorted alphabetically by sport, using the categories that the original photographers used.
  2. Search by keyword for a particular event, country or person through our dedicated search page.
  3. Use the Wiki search box to the left. This searches for everything on our Wiki so try "X olympics" where X is the keyword you are looking for.

The photographic negatives were created as part of the sale of Olympic Photographs to the public and competitors at the time of the Games in 1956. For more information about this collection of images, please see the text for VPRS 10742, 1956 Melbourne Olympics Photograph Collection in the PROV online catalogue

Gallery pages

Athletics - see thumbnail gallery

Australian Rules Football

C2533 - Combined Victorian Football League & Victorian Football Association Team
C2534 - Combined Victorian Football League & Victorian Football Association Team
C2535 - Combined Victorian Football League & Victorian Football Association Team


B1784 - Australian player touches base
B1785 - US player celebrates run
B1786 - US player slides for base
B1787 - US player safely home
B1788 - Jack Reilly (USA) makes a safe hit and reaches first base as N. Pratt (Australia) gets the ball

Basketball - see thumbnail gallery

Boxing - see thumbnail gallery

Canoeing - see thumbnail gallery

Closing ceremony - see thumbnail gallery

Cycling - see thumbnail gallery

Decathlon - see thumbnail gallery

Diving - see thumbnail gallery

Fencing - see thumbnail gallery


C2110 - Football-India v Yugoslavia-From the goal line Yugoslavia (7) shoots for goal. No.13 is an Indian player.
C2184 - Football-India v Yugoslavia-S.S. Narayan, the Indian Goalie, makes a save
C2185 - Football India v Yugoslavia
C2186 - Football India v Yugoslavia
C2187 - Football India v Yugoslavia
C2188 - Football India v Yugoslavia

Gymnastics - see thumbnail gallery

Hockey - see thumbnail gallery

Olympics general

B1997 - Timekeepers
C2206 - Boy with camera

Opening ceremony - see thumbnail gallery

Pentathlon - see thumbnail gallery

Pole vault

B1472 - no description recorded
B1473 - no description recorded
B1474 - no description recorded
B1604 - no description recorded
B1605 - no description recorded
B1606 - no description recorded
B1607 - no description recorded
B1608 - no description recorded

Rowing - see thumbnail gallery

Soccer - see thumbnail gallery

Swimming - see thumbnail gallery

Water polo - see thumbnail gallery

Weightlifting - see thumbnail gallery

Wrestling - see thumbnail gallery

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