VPRS 5 Outward Registered Correspondence to Surveyor General 1836 - 1848

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Function and Content

This series contains outward correspondence from the surveyor-general's department (Port Phillip District) to the surveyor-general in Sydney. Correspondence deals with matters relating to the sale of crown land and the occupation of lands by lease or license in the Port Phillip District. Some survey reports and materials are also to be found in this series

This series is incomplete. A more complete record of outwards correspondence may be found in VPRS 6 outward letter books. More examples may be found in VPRS 44 Inwards Registered and Unregistered Correspondence and as returned attachments in inwards correspondence series for this agency. inwards correspondence (including VPRS 2877 and VPRS 2878) in response to these letters may assist in providing further information.

Unit 6 contains a contemporary notation of lost files. It also contains rough drafts and annual estimates of finance and supplies as prepared for the surveyor-general for 1833, 1834, 1842 - 1849.

Online Images VPRS 5 has been digitised and will eventually be available to be searched and viewed online.

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Record Citation: VPRS 5/P0 Outward Registered Correspondence to Surveyor General, 1836 - 1848, unit 1 - unit 6
Record URL: http://www.access.prov.vic.gov.au/public/component/daPublicBaseContainer?component=daViewSeries&entityId=5
Agency: VA 943 Surveyor General's Department, Port Phillip Branch (also known as the Melbourne Survey Office) 1836 - 1848
Agency URL: http://access.prov.vic.gov.au/public/component/daPublicBaseContainer?component=daViewAgency&entityId=943
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