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Latitude and Longitude

 Department of Sustainability and Environment 'Parish' Centroid for Trawalla: 37° 28' 8" S, 143° 24' 24" E


Harvesting Wheat small.jpg
Harvesting wheat, Trawalla (Photograph courtesy of Ray Ellis and family)

Trawalla is located within the Shire of Pyrenees, 41 km to the west of Ballarat.

Place Name Meanings

Trawalla - 'wild water' in the Watha wurrung language, spoken by the Wathaurong people (Wesson 2001, p.81)

Trawalla - comes from Tawalla meaning 'Much rain' (VICNames Historical Information, 2012)

Trawalla - much rain, wild water, flood (VICNames Historical Information, 2012)


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Wesson, Sue. ‘Aboriginal Flora and Fauna Names of Victoria: As Extracted from Early Surveyors’ Reports’. Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages, 2001.

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