Township Allotment Plan, Section 89 Allotment 6

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Township Allotment Plan, Section 89 Allotment 6 is associated with Peel Street South, Ballarat East located at these coordinates -37.5661746, 143.8632195

Township allotment plan showing a portion of Peel Street South

Record Citation: PROV VPRS 16171/P1, Ballarat East, Plan 6
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Agency: VA 3972 Department of Natural Resources and the Environment
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Date: 2001
Record Type: Plan
Event Type: "use or occupation of land" is not in the list of possible values (Anniversary, Application for Registration, Arrival, Assault, Australia Day, Ball, Battle, Bridge Collapse, Burial, Call to Arms, Celebration, Ceremony, Charge, Christmas, Circus Performance, Claim Jumping Case, Complaint, Conviction, Coronation, Coup, Departure, Dismissal, Dispossession, Divorce, Education, Exhibition, Exam Results, Fight, Fire, Group Photograph, Illness, Immigration, Inquisition, Insolvency, Launch, Lost Property, Mosquito Bite, Murder, Official Tour, Opening, Parade, Political Meeting, Rate Collection, Rebellion, Recruitment, Resignation, Riot, Royal Visit, Sedition, Shooting, Shoot-out, Show of Force, Suicide, Tender, Theatrical Performance, Theft, Trial, Unsolved Murder, Uprising) for this property.
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Related Resource URL: Street South%2C Ballarat East
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