Town Clerk's Files, Letter from Events Co-ordinator of 1981 Moomba Festival

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Town Clerk's Files, Letter from Events Co-ordinator of 1981 Moomba Festival is associated with Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne, Victoria located at these coordinates -37.8065252, 144.9667134

Letter from Events Co-ordinator of 1981 Moomba Festival

Record Citation: PROV VPRS 3183
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Agency: VA 511 Melbourne (Town 1842-1847; City 1847-ct)
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Date: 1981
Record Type: Correspondence
Event Type: "Festival" is not in the list of possible values (Anniversary, Application for Registration, Arrival, Assault, Australia Day, Ball, Battle, Bridge Collapse, Burial, Call to Arms, Celebration, Ceremony, Charge, Christmas, Circus Performance, Claim Jumping Case, Complaint, Conviction, Coronation, Coup, Departure, Dismissal, Dispossession, Divorce, Education, Exhibition, Exam Results, Fight, Fire, Group Photograph, Illness, Immigration, Inquisition, Insolvency, Launch, Lost Property, Mosquito Bite, Murder, Official Tour, Opening, Parade, Political Meeting, Rate Collection, Rebellion, Recruitment, Resignation, Riot, Royal Visit, Sedition, Shooting, Shoot-out, Show of Force, Suicide, Tender, Theatrical Performance, Theft, Trial, Unsolved Murder, Uprising) for this property.
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Moomba2.jpg Moomba

MA/ JE 11th February, 1981.

Mr. D. Bethke, town clerk, Town Hall,


Dear Sir,

In reference to your letter (81/141/46) of February 3rd to the Permits Manager of Claude Neon.

The Melbourne Moomba Festival will indemnify the Melbourne City Council of all liability against the Melbourne City Council due to any event arising from the presence of the Moomba illuminated sign.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Avery


events co-ordinator

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Has person nameMr. D. Bethke + and Mark Avery +
Has record agencyVA 511 Melbourne (Town 1842-1847; City 1847-ct) +
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