Town Clerk's Files, Correspondence from Boomerang Varieties

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Town Clerk's Files, Correspondence from Boomerang Varieties is associated with 1 Greythorn Road, North Balwyn located at these coordinates -37.790289, 145.100031


Record Citation: PROV VPRS 3181
Record URL:
Agency: VA 511 Melbourne (Town 1842-1847; City 1847-ct)
Agency URL:
Date: 19/3/1982
Record Type: Correspondence
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User Tags: boomerang, letterhead, north melbourne town hall, north melbourne

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Boomerang Varieties.jpg BOOMERANG VARIETIES


1 Greythorn Rd.

North Balwyn


ref no. 8o/881/34


To Chief Executive Office and Town Clerk

Dear Mr Bethle

Thank you for your continued support to our group for allowing us to use the Nth Melb Town Hall for free. As your list of Nursing Homes, Elderly Citizens and Social Clubs will not have evening shows and to comply with your request I have formed an afternoon group from some of the semi-retired or non workers of the Boomerangs. Up to date have made arrangements to entertain at the following March 29th/ West Melbourne Elderlies April 16th Mt Royal Day Centre June 4th Harold McCracken Homes June 16th, Central Carlton. We will be doing an evening show at the Freemasons in Sept. I myself attend Centennial House (nursing home of Freemasons) once a month to play piano and sing.

Others contacted St Ives (no piano) Sth Yarra Elderlies (not interested) Princes Hill Village(might be interested to let me know) Have also enclosed syllabus up to July for Boomerangs normal shows. Hoping you feel your generous help is justified,

I remain

Yours faithfully

Jean Barrington.

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Longitude: 145.100031
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Has record agencyVA 511 Melbourne (Town 1842-1847; City 1847-ct) +
Has record citationPROV VPRS 3181 +
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