Town Clerk's Files, Correspondence from Australian Women National's League

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Town Clerk's Files, Correspondence from Australian Women National's League is associated with 349 Collins Street, Melbourne located at these coordinates -37.8166947, 144.9626326


Record Citation: PROV VPRS 3183
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Agency: VA 511 Melbourne (Town 1842-1847; City 1847-ct)
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Date: 12 December 1916
Record Type: Correspondence
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Language: en
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Australian Womens National League.jpg Signature needs transcribing. TEL. No. 4174 CENTRAL.



Australian Womens National League.



Melbourne, December 12th. 1916



To the Town Clerk,

Town Hall,


Dear Sir,

I am asked by the Council of the Australian Women's National League to request you to bring before the Right Honorable the Lord Mayor and the City Councillors the fact, that at the meeting recently held in the Town Hall - That though the Lord Mayor and Councillors had made a proviso in letting the Town Hall that Miss Adela Pankhurst should not be permitted to speak. This precaution was rendered nugatory and the aim of the Councillors defeated, inasmuch as Miss Pankhurst wrote a letter conveying her opinion, which was read and she was asked to bow her acknowledgement of the applause with which her written statement was received by the audience. As a League of women we cannot too strongly protest against the disloyal utterances of public men and some women amongst us, and it seems to us a very great pity - not to use a stronger word - that our Town Hall should be the means of the publication and utterances of what are really treasonable remarks.

Trusting that in the future it may be possible to prevent the Town Hall of our grand city of Melbourne being made available for such Speakers.

Believe me, Dear Sir, on behalf of the Council of the Australian Women's National League,

Yours very truly,

P R E S I D E N T.

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