Town Clerk's Files, Correspondence from A.H Spencer, Hill of Content Bookshop

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Town Clerk's Files, Correspondence from A.H Spencer, Hill of Content Bookshop is associated with 86 Bourke Street, Melbourne located at these coordinates -37.8119257, 144.9706885

Correspondence from A.H Spencer regarding the installation of an amplifier of music nearby the Hill of Content Bookshop

Record Citation: PROV VPRS 3183
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Agency: VA 511 Melbourne (Town 1842-1847; City 1847-ct)
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Date: 16 May 1929
Record Type: Correspondence
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Language: en
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A H Spencer.jpg Get to know the "Hill of Content Bookshop" on Bourke Street East Hill; hills were made to climb, and climbing, of whatever kind, is always good

                                                         A. H. SPENCER

                                      :::New and Secondhand Bookseller and Publisher:::

         The "HILL OF CONTENT'                        86 BOURKE STREET EAST            TELEPHONE: Central 8856
                                                (One Door from Exhibition Street)
BOOKS :: PAMPHLETS :: VIEWS                             Next E.S.A. Bank               NO LIBRARY IS TOO LARGE
relating to the early History of Australia                 MELBOURNE                   and No Parcel of Books Too Small
and the Islands of the Pacific, a Speciality             Terms Monthly                 for me to purchase

29/2299 [7?].

AHS/TB. 16th May, 1929

18 MAY 1929

The Town Clerk,

Town Hall,


Dear Sir,

My business is that of bookselling and there are many citizens of this city who are good enough to regard the Hill of Content Bookshop as the best bookstore in Melbourne. The nature of a high class bookselling establishment demands absolute quiet to be of maximum use to the community than that of a worthy book shop. I want to point out that a few weeks ago there was installed over a shop doorway a few yards from here, an amplifier of music which has become in my opinion a curse; so much so that one of the best known surgeons in Melbourne when in my shop last week remarked, "it is a criminal thing that anybody is allowed to instal such abominations as that amplifier down the road; I used to be able to come here and look at your books in fair peace and quiet, but with that thing ringing in my ears I not only do not feel disposed to buy books - my sole desire is to get away from that noise."

Now Sir, I put it to you, should I as a tax-paying citizen of this city have to put up with the nuisance I have referred to in this letter? I am by nature a peaceful man, delighted to see the other fellow succeeding in business, but as I certainly would not inflict un-asked-for alleged music upon my brother shopkeepers, I do not feel disposed to submit to the nuisance any longer with protest.

Yours sincerely,

[A. H. Spencer?]

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