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Town Clerk's Files, Australian Broadcasting Commission is associated with 121 William Street, Melbourne, Victoria located at these coordinates -37.816365, 144.957813

Correspondence from the ABC to the Town Clerk, Melbourne

Record Citation: PROV VPRS 3183
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Agency: VA 511 Melbourne (Town 1842-1847; City 1847-ct)
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Date: 26/8/1976
Record Type: Letter
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Language: en
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ABC small.jpg Australian



St. James Building

121 William Street.

G.P.O. Box 1686

Melbourne - 3001


2 AUG1976


Ref. 40/5/2

26th August, 1976.

News Division

529 Lonsdale St.,

G.P.O. Box 209D,

Melbourne, 3001

Mr. F.H. Rogan,

Town Clerk,

Town Hall,


Dear Mr. Rogan,

I refer to your letter (75/1923/47) of the 11th August and note that your Finance Committee, in reviewing the Council's contributions towards cultural activities, considered that the present level of the grant towards the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra could not be maintained.

We would be extremely disappointed if the Council was unable to continue its support of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at least at the current level.

In our letter of 22nd April, 1976, we presented information and figures which we hoped would allow the Council to see its way clear to continuing the current total grant of $22,000 towards the cost of the Orchestra. As I mentioned at that time, the Council's existing grant represents little more than 1.5% of the total net cost of maintaining the Orchestra which, this year, will give 87% of all its performances in the city of Melbourne. As you will appreciate, our fincancial position has worsened in the new financial year. Activities such as free concerts and performances for schools, from which we gain no programme material, are already at risk.

I hope the Council will reconsider its attitude in the matter.

Yours sincerely,


(Acting Manager for Victoria).


A.B.V. CHANNEL 2 53-8181

Town Clerk's Files, Australian Broadcasting Commission
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