Town Clerk's Files, 1974 Moomba Procession

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Town Clerk's Files, 1974 Moomba Procession is associated with Melbourne, Victoria located at these coordinates -37.8090183, 144.9636346

Correspondence inviting people to participate in the 1974 Moomba Procession

Record Citation: PROV VPRS 3183
Record URL:
Agency: VA 511 Melbourne (Town 1842-1847; City 1847-ct)
Agency URL:
Date: 11/03/1974
Record Type: Correspondence
Event Type: Parade
Language: en
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User Tags: moomba, procession, parade, logo, letterhead, 1974

Image Transcript Margin Notes Body of Transcript
Moomba.jpg The Melbourne MOOMBA Festival Ltd.


President, The Right

Honourable the Lord Mayor,

Councillor Alan D. Whalley, J.P.

Chairman of Directors, Peter Andrews, Esq.

15th June, 1973.



Next year Moomba celebrates its 20th Anniversary - an historic milestone in the development of a Festival which has won the respect and unqualified support of the people of Melbourne.

Again, the Board expects to stage a colourful and exciting programme, which will be an excellent prelude to March 1975, when we will 'come of age'.

The Procession will once again be one of the spectacular highlights of the Festival, and we enclose an Application Form for your completion. It will assist us if the form could be returned on or before 6th August, so that all applications may be considered by the Festival Board before we forward final Entry Forms for completion.

The Board has decided that there will be no specific theme for the 1974 Procession, which provides tremendous scope to introduce quite a variery of ideas.

ALAN J. MURPHY general manager.

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