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Thomas Farrell is associated with Castlemaine, Victoria located at these coordinates -37.0636111111, 144.217222222

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Having served his time in Van Diemen's Land Thomas Farrell (also known as John Farrell) became a Police Magistrate in Castlemaine by 1853. Farrell moved to Ballarat in 1854 and worked at the Eureka hotel. He was arrested along with James Bentley, his wife Catherine and hotel servant William Hance for the murder of James Scobie. Initially, the aforementioned were all released due to lack of evidence, however, a witness later appeared providing enough evidence to have all four persons retried for the murder of James Scobie. Farrell, Hance and J. Bentley were all sentenced to serve 3 years of hard labour.

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Facts about "Thomas Farrell"RDF feed
Has coordinates37° 3' 49" S, 144° 13' 2" ELatitude: -37.0636111111
Longitude: 144.217222222
+Google maps, 42° 0' 0" S, 147° 0' 0" ELatitude: -42
Longitude: 147
+Google maps, 37° 3' 49" S, 144° 13' 2" ELatitude: -37.063611111111
Longitude: 144.21722222222
+Google maps and 37° 32' 60" S, 143° 50' 60" ELatitude: -37.55
Longitude: 143.85
+Google maps
Has event typeMurder +
Has keywordsthomas farrell +, james bentley +, william hance +, james scobie + and eureka +
Has person nameThomas Farrell +, James Bentley +, William Hance + and James Scobie +
Latitude-37.064 +
Located inCastlemaine, Victoria +, Van Diemen's Land + and Ballarat, Victoria +
Longitude144.217 +
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