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The Albert - Transcript of Register is associated with Williamstown, Victoria located at these coordinates -37.8572918, 144.8977593

Transcript of Register for the Albert, otherwise called the Douro. A two-masted schooner, the ship was bought by Thomas Godfrey Leslie in Melbourne. Leslie was a Melbourne businessman, Secretary of the Brighton Gas Company. With Captain Niels Peter Sorensen as Master, in an attempt to avoid British law the ship's name was changed from Albert to Douro (and the registration changed from British to Portuguese. Sorensen was charged with assault and robbery. Leslie escaped prosecution as a result of his 'giving Queen's evidence against Sorensen' (Laracy 2000, p.154).Sorensen was sentenced to ten years' penal servitude.References:Hugh Laracy (2000): Neils Peter Sorensen: The Story of a Criminal Adventurer, The Journal of Pacific History, 35:2, 147 - 162

Record Citation: PROV VPRS 1095/P0, unit 26
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Agency: VA 466 - Governor (including Lieutenant Governor 1851-1855 and Governor's Office)
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Date: 18 November 1881
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Image Transcript Margin Notes Body of Transcript
VPRS 1095 P0 Unit 26 The Albert - Transcript of Register small.jpg Suffield
Form No. 19.					 						Transcript of Register [ for Transmission to- struck out ]
Signal Letters ( if any ) ………………………								[ Registrar General of Shipping, London – struck out ]
Official Number of Ship				Name of Ship						No., Date, and Port of Registry.
79525				“Albert”							8 / 1881 	MELBOURNE.
No., Date, and Port of previous Registry ( if any )	First Registry
Whether British 	Whether a Sailing or Steam Ship ; and		Where Built.		When Built.	Name and Address of Builders.
Foreign Built.		if a Steam Ship, how propelled.
British			Sailing					Williamstown Victoria		1862		H . M. Govt.
.														Feet.	Tenths.
Number of Decks…	… one				Length from fore part of stem, under bowsprit, to	56	5	
Number of Masts…	… Two				the aft side of the head of the stern post
Rigged 	…	…	… schooner			Main breadth to outside plank	…	…	…	16	 1
Stern	…	…	… Round			Depth in hold from tonnage deck to ceiling at midships	 8	 5
Build	…	…	… Carvell			Depth in hold from upper deck to ceiling at midships,
Galleries…	…	… none				in the case of three decks and upwards
Head	…	…	… none				Length of engine-room ( if any )	…	…	…
Framework	…	… wood
No. of		Description	Whether British or	When 	Name and Address of Makers.	Diameter of	Length of	No of Horses’
Engines				Foreign made.  		 made.				Cylinders.	Stroke		Power ( combined )
---		---		----			---	------				---		---		---
GROSS TONNAGE.					No. of Tons.		DEDUCTIONS ALLOWED.			No. of Tons.
Under Tonnage Deck	…	By Rule I	…	43.71		On account of space required for propelling power …
Closed in spaces above Tonnage Deck (if any )	…			On account of spaces occupied by Seamen or Appren-		
Space or spaces between Decks		…	…			tices, and appropriated to their use, and kept free
Poop		…	…	…	…	…			from Goods or Stores of every kind, not being the 
Forecastle		…	…	…	…			personal property of the Crew		…	…
Round House		…	…	…	…			These spaces are the following, viz:-
Other closed in spaces ( if any ), as follows:-	

Gross Tonnage 			…	…	…	43.71
Deductions, as per Contra	…	…	…	
Registered Tonnage			…	…	43 71 / 100		Total Deductions	…	…
Name of Master,		---------					Certificate of 	 Service,	No.	-----
.											 Competency, No.
Names, Residences, and Description of the Owners, and	viz.,
Number of Sixty-fourth Shares held by each		 
Thomas Godfrey Leslie of Melbourne in the Colony of Victoria Gentleman 	 Sixty four ( 64 )
Vessel sold to a foreigner at this port and Register closed accordingly the 9th April 1885. Cert. of Registry delivered up + cancelled
Dated 18th November 1885				S. W. Newgrove Registrar.
NOTE:- If there are more Owners than one, the Registrar is requested to distinguish the Managing Owner by the latters “M. O.” against his name.
[ N.B. – To be addressed, in an Envelope, to the Registrar General of Shipping, Custom House, London. – struck out ]
( No. 361. )
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