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Susan Kellam is associated with clifton hill, melbourne, victoria located at these coordinates -37.788513, 144.99176

Date of Birth: 1827
Date of Death: 1907
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Susan Kellam signed the 1891 Women's Suffrage Petition while living in Clifton Hill.

Susan was born in 1827 to Thomas Wood and Rebecca Little. She was born in Horncastle, Lincolnshire, England and became a dressmaker.

She married Peter Kellam, a farm labourer and local Methodist preacher, in 1851. In the early 1880s times were hard on the land as there had been two consecutive years of floods wiping out the crops in the fen country. Susan had heard a representative of the Queensland Colonial Government extolling the virtues of Australia and encouraging single men and families to emigrate.

She was excited by the prospect and convinced her husband and other family members to come to Australia. The group came by sailing ship - Scottish Hero- and arrived in Brisbane on the 24th of February, 1883. Susan was 56 years old.

It was difficult for the men to find work in Brisbane so Susan worked as a midwife and took in washing to support the family. After a few years the family moved to Melbourne to be with Susan's eldest son William who had become a successful builder.

In 1888 he built 4 two storey terraces in Roseneath Street Clifton Hill and Susan and Peter lived in one of these until Susan's death in 1907. Unfortunately her death occurred one year before the women gained the right to vote.

(Information supplied by Heather Lewin great great grand-daughter to Susan Kellam)

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