Submission to State Wildlife Reserves Investigation Committee - Proposed Wildlife Reserve Bat's Ridge

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Submission to State Wildlife Reserves Investigation Committee - Proposed Wildlife Reserve Bat's Ridge is associated with Bats Ridge Faunal Reserve located at these coordinates -38.3406446, 141.486745

Submission to State Wildlife Reserve Investigation Committee 8th December, 1964 - Proposed Wildlife Reserve Bat's Ridge

Record Citation: VPRS 11559/P1, Unit 337
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Agency: VA 551 Ministry for Conservation
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Date: 8 December 1964
Record Type: Submission
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Bat's Ridge 0002 small.jpg Submission to

State Wildlife Reserves Investigation Committee

8th December, 1964

Proposed Wildlife Reserve

Bat's Ridge

1. Proposal: That the area in the Parish of Trewalla west of Portland marked on the attached map proclaimed a State Wildlife Reserve.

2. Purpose: To preserve an example of wildlife habitat once typical of the Portland district, together with the unique vegetation and rare wildlife found in this area.

Among the birds are Brush Bronzewing, Rufous Bristle Birds, Souhern Emu Wren and Beautiful Firetail.

Of the many animals in the area the white-footed Sminthopsis, a mouse-like marsupial, is probably the rarest.

The largest of the limestone caves houses thousands of Bent-winged Bats during winter. Specimens banded here have been recovered 60 miles north-east at Byaduk, showing relatively widespread movement from an important centre.

The total wildlife species number about 100 including 77 birds and 23 mammals. A representation list is included in appendix A.

Of the 263 wildlife species of plants recorded (listed in appendix B) several are confirmed to the south-west corner of Victoria and others are restricted to isolated spots in the State.

3. Topography and Description of Country.

The area is marked by limestone ridges and rises standing out up to 100 feet above the surrounding sandy heathland. The ridges run generally N.E. to S.W. and their N.W. slopes are broken in places to form low cliffs where caves occur. Few of the 20 caves found have been explored but they range up to 10 chains and 30 feet high inside.

Small swamps totalling almost 20 acres are located south-east of the main ridge and along the northern edge of the area. The latter are less permanent but could be improved by closing the drains leading into Bat's Ridge drain.

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Bat's Ridge 0003 small.jpg 2.

4. Land Tenure and Use.

The Crown lands are mainly unoccupied and undeveloped. Most of the rougher country and caves, including the bat cave, are located within them, but only two swamps are included.

Leasehold allotments to the south are undeveloped apart from an occasional fence. Their value lies in the extensive area of natural bushland they contain, similar to that on the Crown land. As these are among the few allotments in the area untouched by recent fires, they are at present representative of the whole area when in its natural condition.

Freehold land in the vicinity is virtually untouched. C/A 1B, containing one swamp, is surrounded by a firebreak, several acres in C/A's 1, 2 and 3 have been cleared and cropped in the past. The latter allotments contain most of the limestone cliffs and broken country, including several caves. The two largest swamps lie adjacent to Bat's Ridge drain in C/A 3. C/A 9 is either in or reverting to its natural state and it is in this allotment and to the west that several underained swamps are found.

5. Fire Damage.

Six fires have burnt onto Bat's Ridge from the west in the last ten years. The most recent were a narrow tongue which passed through the northern portion of the area in November, 1961, and a particularly fierce fire which burnt most of the area in the autumn of 1962.

6. Area of Proposed Reserve.

A. An ideal Reserve should include all the special features of the area, and sufficient overall area to provide a suitable habitat and range for all wildlife species found within it. The boundaries should be easily protected.

The proposed reserve would include the areas coloured yellow and green. Adjacent areas of uncleared freehold land could possibly be added to the Reserve by later purchase.

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Bat's Ridge 0004 small.jpg 3.

7. Allotments and Acreages.

Crown land C/A                     1A  320 acres (approx).
  "    "   east of C/A 1               152   "       "
           south of telegraph
           line                        130   "       "
           Res. for Public              60   "       "

Leasehold land

Portland Boy Scouts
permissive Occupancy                    60   "       "
                                       722 acres (approx).

8. Management of Proposed Reserve.

Protection from fire is the most urgent requirement of this area. It would be effected by clearing and ploughing a perimeter firebreak, extending the C/A 1B firebreak north and south and building a network of access tracks.

All new perimeter fencing should be vermin-proof while vermin and noxious weed control would be undertaken when necessary in conjunction with the Vermin and Noxious Weeds Destruction Board.

Rehabilitation of the swamps would begin by controlling loss of water through the existing outlet drains.

Game Management Section

Fisheries & Wildlife Department


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Bat's Ridge 0005 small.jpg APPENDIX A.

FLORA of the proposed reserve at Bat's Ridge

by A.C.B.

Lindsaya linearis              Restio tetraphyllus              Caladenia filamentosa

Pteridium esculentum           Leptocarpus tenax                    "     latifolia

Ophioglossum coriaceum              "      brownii                  "     menziesii

Phylloglossum drummondii       Hypolaena lateriflora                "     patersonii
                                                                            + var.
Selaginella preissiana              "    fastigiata                        suaveolens

Triglochin centrocarpa         Brizula pumilio                      "     reticulata
                                                                            + var.
    "      procera             Centrolepis polygyna                        valida

Hemarthria uncinata                  "     aristata             Glossodia major

Themeda australis                   "      fascicularis         Diuris palustris

Microlaena distichophylla           "      strigosa                 "  sulphurea

    "      acuminata           Luzula campestris                    "  longifolia

Stipa eremophila               Juncus polyanthemos              Pterostylis alata

    " pubescens                     " bufonius                      "   cycnocephala

    " elatior                       " pallidus                      "   barbata

    " mollis                   Burchardia umbellata                 "   foliata

Agrostis avenacea              Anguillaria dioica                   "   longifolia

Deyeuria quadriseta            Thysanotus patersonii                "   nutans

Dichelachne crinita            Chamaescilla corymbosa               "   nana

Pentapogon quadrifidus         Dianella revoluta                    "   pedunculata

Danthonia setacia              Bartlingia sessiliflora              "   parviflora

    "     pilosa               Lomandra micrantha                   "   vittata

    "     semiannularis             "   filiformis              Casuarina stricta

    "     penicillata               "   glauca                      "   paludosa

    "     genticulata          Xanthorrhoea australis           Urtica incisa

Poa australis                  Hypoxis glabella                 Parietaria debelis

 "  tenera                     Patersonia fragilis              Isopogon ceratophyllus

Glyceria fluitans              Prasophyllum elatum              Persoonia juniperina

Cyperus tenellus                    "       odoratum            Hakea rostrata

Eleocharis acuta               Thelymitra ixioides                  " nodosa

Scirpus cernuus                     "   antennifera             Banksia marginata

    "   antarcticus                 "   pauciflora              Exocarpus cupressiformis

Image Transcript Margin Notes Body of Transcript
Bat's Ridge 0006 small.jpg 2.

Scirpus nodosus            Microtis unifolia            Amyema pendula

Schoenus apogon            Corybas dilatatus            Muehlenbeckia adpressa

Cladium junceum               "    diemenicus           Trichinium macrocephalum

Gahnia trifida             Acianthus reniformis  

   "   clarkei             Lyperanthus nigricans        Rumex brownii

Lepidosperma longitudinale   Eriochilus cucullatus      Polygonum prostratum

   "   semiteres           Leptoceras fimbriatum        Tetragona implexicoma

   "   canescens           Caladenia angustata          Carpobrotus aequilaterale

   "   neesii                 "      deformis

Carex breviculmis             "      carnea             Stellaria pungens

Lepyrodia muelleri            "      dilatata           Sagina apetalus

Clematis microphylla       Amperea spartioides          Colobanthus apetalus

Cassytha glabella          Beyeria leschenaultii        Polycarpum tetraphyllum

   "     pubescens         Stackhousia monogyna         Drymaria filiformis

Cardamine hirsuta          Spyridium parvifolium        Sprengelia incarnata

Blennodia cardaminiodes    Lasiopetalum schulzenii      Centaurium pulchellum

Lepidium hyssopifolium     Hibbertia sericea            Convolvulus erubescens

Drosera pygmaea                "     fasciculata        Dichondra repens

   "    whittakeri             "     ovata              Myosotis australis

   "    auriculata         Viola hederacea              Cynoglossum suaveolens

   "    planchonii         Pimelea hewardiana               "    australe

Crassula siberiana             "   flava                Ajuga australis

   "    macrantha              "   glauca               Solanum nigrum

   "    recurva                "   humilis                 "    aviculare

Bauera rubioides           Eucalyptus baxteri           Mazus pumilio

Bursaria spinosa               "   kitsoniana           Gratiola peruviana

Billardiera scandens           "   viminalis            Veronica derwentia

Potentilla anserina            "   vitrea                  "     calycina

Acaena anserinifolia       Leptospermum lanigerum       Myoporum viscosum

   "   ovina                   "   myrsinoides          Plantago varia

Acacia myrtifolia              "   juniperinum          Opercularia scabrida

   "   melanoxylon         Melaleuca squarrosa             "     varia

   "   mitchellii              "   squamea              Galium australe

Image Transcript Margin Notes Body of Transcript
Bat's Ridge 0007 small.jpg 3.

Acacia pycnantha Apilobium junceum Galium guadichaudii

  "   sophorae               Holorrhagis tetragyna           Sambucus guadichaudiana

  "   verticillata               "       micrantha           Lobelia anceps

Gompholobium huegelii        Hydrocotyle hirta               Wahlenbergia gracilenta

Sphaerolobium vimineun           "       laxiflora              "     quadrifida

Pultenaea mollis                 "       callicarpa          Goodenia geniculata

   "      prolifera              "       capillaris          Scaevola microcarpa

   "      stricta                "       muscosa             Olearia axillaris

   "      tenuifolia         Centella asiatica                  "    ramulosa

Dillwynia glaberrima         Platysace heterophylla          Lagenophora stipitata

Bossiaea cinerea             Apium australe                  Craspedia uniflora

Swainsona lessextifolia      Daucus glochidiatus             Crassinia spectabilis

Kennedia prostrata           Astroloma conostephioides          Ixodia achilleodes

Geranium pilosum                "   humifusum                Rutidosis multiflorus

Pelargonium australe         Leucopogon parviflorus          Podotheca angustifolia

Oxalis corniculata              "   virgatus                 Helichrysum apiculatum

Linum marginale                 "   glaciallis                   "   blandowskianum

Boronia pilosa                  "   ericoides

  "     nana                 Acrotriche serrulata                "   obtusifolium

Correa reflexa & + var.         "   cordata                      "   dendroidium

                 ruba           "   affinis                  Gnaphalium involucratum

Tetratheca ciliata           Monotoca scoparia                   "   indutum

Bredemeyera volubile         Brachyloma ciliatum             Stuartina muelleri

  "         calymega         Eparcris impressa               Senecio lautus

Poranthera microphylla                                           "   odoratus

                                                                 "   arguta

                                                                 "   prenanthoides

                                                             Microseris scapigera

Image Transcript Margin Notes Body of Transcript
Bat's Ridge 0008 small.jpg APPENDIX B.

Birds Recorded at The Pool, Bat's Ridge 3.30 p.m. to

5:30 pm 21/2/60

Yellow-wing Heneyeater         Yellow Robin                Brush Bronzewing Pigeon

White-eared Honeyeater         Fork-tail Swift             White-throated Treecreeper

Eastern Spinebill              Black-faced Cuckoo Shrike

Brush Wattle Bird              Brown Thornbill             Silver-eye

Rufous Fantail                 White-backed Magpie         Red-brow Firetail

Rufous Bristle Bird            White-naped Honeyeater      Crimson Rosella

Goldfinch                      Yellow-faced Honeyeater     Kookaburra

Grey-shrike Thrush             Red Wattle Bird             Fairy Martin

White-brow Scrub Wren          Grey Fantail                Gang-gang

Striated Thornbill             Magpie Lark

Other Birds seen at Bat's Ridge Include

Ground Thrush                  Brown Hawk                  Beautiful Firetail

Emu                            Owlet Nightjar              Crescent Honeyeater

Willie Wagtail                 Blue-wing Parrot            Goshawk

Emu Wren                       Common Bronzewing           Black-cap Sittella

Calamanthus                    Restless Flycatcher         Lewin Water-rail

Sacred Kingfisher              Satin Flycatcher            Blue Wren etc. etc.

                                                           N. Learmonth


Animals of Bat's Ridge Area




Grey Kangaroo                  Macropus major    Red-necked
                                                     Wallaby     Wallabia rufogrisea

Black-tailed Wallaby           Wallabia bicolor  Potoroo         Potorous tridactylus

Image Transcript Margin Notes Body of Transcript
Bat's Ridge 0009 small.jpg 2.


Silver-grey possum              Trichosurus vulpecula             Sugar Glider                 Petaurus

Ring-tailed possum              Pseudocheirus peregrinus          Feathertailed                Acrobates
                                                                       Glider                  pygmaeus
Pigmy possums                          Gercartetus nanus
                                       Cercartetus concinnus


Common Wombat                   Phascolomis mitchelli


Shortnosed bandicoot            Isoodon obesulus


Tiger Cat                       Dasyurops maculatus               Swainson's
                                                                     phascogale                Antechinus

     Phascogale                 Antechinus flavipes               *White-footed
                                                                      Sminthopsis              Sminthopsis


Echidna                         Tachyglossus aculeatus

Native Rats

Grey's rat                      Rattus greyi                      *Silky-grey
                                                                   Southern                    Gyomys
                                                                        Mouse                    opodemoides


Bentwinged Bat                  Miniopteris scheibersi            Yellow-bellied
                                                                   Free-tailed                 Saccolaimus
                                                                      Bat                       flaviventris

  • = Very rare

R.M. Warneke

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