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Elizabeth S Stubbs of Victoria Nursery Majorca

This person used this address when signing the Women's Suffrage petition in 1891. Log in to edit this section. 

Elizabeth Sarah Stubbs,daughter of Richard Sayer Arnell and Susanna Arnell (nee Carty) was born in London in 1832 and subsequently migrated to Australia. 

In 1853, she married Francis Green Stubbs, son of one of 1,700 Nottingham lace-makers who had moved to Calais in the late 18th and early 19th century. Eight hundred of their descendents migrated from France to Australia in 1848 following the European revolution of that year.

The resettlement program forbade the migrants from bringing their trade with them, so Francis became a nurseryman and the family settled at Majorca. The family was strongly Methodist.

Elizabeth bore twelve children, of whom three died in infancy. The children assisted the parents in the plant business and later Elizabeth, with daughters Harriet and Lucy conducted a stationery and newsagency business in Majorca.

Elizabeth died in 1911.


Francis and Elizabeth Stubbs are seated at the front.

(Photograph courtesy of Midlands Historical Society, Maryborough)

(Research provided by Alex Stoneman, Carisbrook)

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