Royal Visit 1954, Lost School-bag and Overcoat

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Royal Visit 1954, Lost School-bag and Overcoat is associated with Linton, Victoria located at these coordinates -37.6843822, 143.5633553

Correspondence to City of Ballarat - report of lost school-bag and overcoat during the Royal Visit 1954

Record Citation: PROV VPRS 2500/P0, Unit 234, Royal Visit 1954
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Agency: VA 478 Ballarat (Municipal District 1855-1863; Borough 1863-1870; City 1870-1994)
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Date: 19/03/1954
Record Type: Correspondence
Event Type: Lost Property
Language: en
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Related Resource URL:,_Australia_1954
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2500 P0 234 Royal Visit 54 001 lost bag.jpg 23/3/54 Not at Police Stn x

14/3/54. 12A6 W Stacpoole? X Bag posted 24/3/54

t.t. 850

Linton 19.3. ‘54

Mr. Madden City Clerk, Ballarat.

Dear Mr Maddern,

On the day of the Royal Visit one of my pupils left a school-bag and an overcoat in Ballarat and the mother has asked me to seek your help in telling us where they could be recovered if they have been handed in.

The school-bag, containing two oranges, empty lunch papers and chocolate paper was left in the second lavatory in the girls’ lavatories near the grandstand in the City Oval. It was a fairly new school bag, dark brown with two shoulder straps.

The overcoat, belonging to a five year old, was light brown, half belted and with a dark brown collar.

The family to whom these articles belong to a family who can ill afford to lose them and any advice or help in recovering them would be much appreciated.

May I add my grateful appreciation to that of the Linton Mothers’ Club for all that was done for our pupils the day of the Royal Visit

Yours faithfully Head Teacher. John Anderson

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Has record agencyVA 478 Ballarat (Municipal District 1855-1863; Borough 1863-1870; City 1870-1994) +
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