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Royal Family Files, Welsh Corgi Club Request is associated with Government House, Melbourne, Victoria located at these coordinates -37.827211, 144.9743964

Request by Welsh Corgi Club to bring their dogs to Government House during the Royal Visit.

Record Citation: PROV VPRS 8314
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Agency: VA 466 Governor (including Lieutenant Governor 1851-1855 and Governor's Office)
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Date: 4/3/1954
Record Type: Correspondence
Event Type: Royal Visit
Language: en
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User Tags: corgi, corgis, driveway, drive, government house, royal visit, royal tour, 1954

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Welsh Corgi Club Request.jpg Written text needs transcribing. GOVERNMENT HOUSE.


Welsh Corgies Club - Secretary, Miss Cameron, rang with reference to her letter of a week or so ago.

Phone: J.L. 2493

Members had half a dozen Corgies on the roadside at Essendon as the Queen passed, and Her Majesty noticed them.

[Signature?] 3/3/54

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Note regarding bringing Corgi dogs to Government House.jpg GOVERNMENT HOUSE,


Note from Colonel Spraggett to Sir Michael Adeane.

Dr. Frank May,

81 Collins Street,

Melbourne, Telephone J.A. 3144,

would be pleased to bring up some Corgi dogs at any time to Government House if Her Majesty the Queen would be pleased for this to be done.

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Note that arrangements were made for Corgi Club to line driveway.jpg

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Corgi club members.jpg Written text needs transcribing. 1.15



469 Dr F. May  (President)           498 Miss B. Wilhelm

470 Mr A. Thomson (Vice-President)   647 Mrs Hiskens

471 Mrs E. Bridgford "   "           648 Mr F. Leishman

472 Mrs F. Whyte                     649 Mr M. Laws

473 Mr J. Re Ravin                   650 Mrs A. Thomson

474 Mrs L. Turnbull                  651 Mr E. Crewe

475 Mr T. Cominos                    652 Mr E. B. Smith

476 Mrs K. Wood                      653 Mrs E. B. Smith

477 Miss L. Wood                     654 Miss R. Nye

478 Mrs Rawden                       655 Miss Pickering

479 Mrs L. Kelly                     656 Mrs Hume

480 Mrs O'Connor                     657 Miss Bridges

481 Mrs Carter                       658 Mrs Brumby

482 Mrs Walters                      659 Miss J. Muntz

483 Mrs Edwards                      660 Mrs Dominey

484 Mrs L. Allen                     661 Mrs Harper

485 Mr G. Flint                      662 Mrs E. McCraw

486 Mr G. Stephen                    663 Mr D. McCraw

487 Mrs G. Stephen                   664 Mrs F. May

488 Mrs G. Golding                   665 Mrs A. F. Cameron

489 Miss N. Armstrong                666 Mrs G. Alexander

490 Mrs P. Wilson                    667 Mrs Van Tol

491 Mrs Sinclair                     668 Mrs J. Nish

492 Dr Colquhoun                     669 Master Roger Bridgford

493 Mrs Colquhoun                    670 Mrs A. E. Bridgford

494 Mr H. Owen

495 Mr J. Owen

496 Miss K. Owen

497 Mr I. Trevena
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