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Robert Wallace Howes is associated with 123 Victoria Street Flemington located at these coordinates -37.7853918, 144.9351004

Date of Birth: 1879
Date of Death: 22 May 1912
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Robert Wallace Howes was born in St Arnaud, Victoria in 1879. His father, John Howes, was a miner and engine driver originally from the UK. The family had lived in a number of mining regions before settling for some time in St Arnuad.

Several family members moved to Melbourne and settled in Flemington, Kensington and North Melbourne. Robert married Jinnie Bell (aka Jennie, Geannie, Jeannie) in 1906. Robert and his wife built their house at 123 Victoria Street Flemington in 1907 to accommodate their growing family.

Robert was listed as a bootmaker on the 1903 Electoral Roll as was his brother James. Robert had three children, the last born just prior to his death in 1912. Both Robert and his brother died quite young.

Robert's health was poor and he was made a patient of the Kew Hospital for the Insane.

The patient record for Robert including his photograph taken on admission can be viewed here: Robert Wallace Howes Kew Asylum Patient Record

Whilst Robert was a patient at the hospital he was the victim of an assault by another patient. It appears that the patient poured methylated spirits over Robert's back and set the spirit alight "in order to see him better". Robert was recorded as having sustained a number of circular burns which prevented him from lying on his back whilst they healed. This was not considered a contributing factor in his death.

The Inquest into Robert's death can be viewed here: Proceedings of the Inquest held upon the body of Robert Wallace Howes

This Biography is part of the Victorian Era Victoria Street Flemington Project. Robert Wallace Howes lived at 123 Victoria Street Flemington

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Has birth date1879 +
Has coordinates37° 47' 7" S, 144° 56' 6" ELatitude: -37.7853918
Longitude: 144.9351004
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Has date1879 +, 1906 +, 1907 + and 1903 +
Has death date22 May 1912 +
Has keywordsrobert wallace howes +, victoria street +, flemington + and kew mental asylum +
Has occupationminer +, engine driver + and bootmaker +
Has person nameJohn Howes + and Jinnie Bell +
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Latitude-37.785 +
Located in123 Victoria Street Flemington +, St Arnaud +, Flemington +, Kensington +, North Melbourne + and Kew Hospital for the Insane +
Longitude144.935 +
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