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Date of Birth: 13th July 1815
Date of Death: 13th July 1904
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Rede was the son of a naval officer of some status, and studied medicine before giving it up to see Europe. He arrived in Melbourne in 1851, and dug for gold at Bendigo before joining the Goldfields Commission. In May 1854, he took up his post as Resident Commissioner for Ballarat. Humiliated at the burning of the Eureka hotel, Rede took a firm stance in the weeks that followed, urging decisive action against the diggers. His unpopularity led to his removal after the Stockade, and he spent much of the rest of his life in government employ. Rede returned to Ballarat in 1868 as Sheriff, and officiated in this role at Ned Kelly's hanging in 1880. He is described as a thickset man with a large moustache. He appears to have been a very definite character, and his injured pride after the burning of Bentley's hotel was important in his harsh and inflexible policy during the period leading up to the Stockade.

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