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The rate books for the Borough / Town / City of Richmond are arranged by Wards. The number of wards, their names and their boundaries changed over the years and to locate streets and therefore entries in the rate books, it is useful to know the ward in which a street was located at the time.

Richmond Rate Books

VPRS 9990 covers the years 1857-1973. There are 464 units in this series. Richmond was one of the early suburbs of Melbourne and combined affluent housing on Richmond Hill and working class houses on the flats. Numerous hotels and businesses lined the two main streets to the east - Bridge Road and Victoria Street. The rate books are a wealth of information for people researching in this area.

Ward Maps

Map 1: 1863-1890

North, Central & South wards

Download map File:Richmond Ward Map 01.pdf

Map 2: 1890-1982

North, West, Central, South & East wards

Download map File:Richmond Ward Map 02.pdf

Map 3: 1982-1994

Melba, Coppin & Rogers wards

Download map File:Richmond Ward Map 03.pdf

Map 4: 1996-

Carringbush & Docker wards

Download map File:Richmond Ward Map 04.pdf

This last period is not covered by the Richmond Rate Books (VPRS 9990) - the map is provided for information only.

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