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This research topic will explore the way that identity is formed through connection to land and how the formation of city can inform the development of cultural identities. It will explore:

  • Indigenous relationship to land within the city of Melbourne
  • New migrants creating places zones of identity – Chinatown, Lygon street
  • Land ownership – place to call home, make a living
  • Feelings generated from certain places within the city - Public Spaces
  • Does the grid impose a relationship to the city in a certain way?

Possible locations of records


Secondary Sources/background information

Melbourne’s Chinatown

Multicultural precincts Melbourne

Indigenous connection to land in Melbourne:

Eidelson, M, The Melbourne Dreaming: A guide to the Aboriginal places of Melbourne, Aboriginal Studies Press, Canberra, 1997. This book is helpful for teachers in building local background information, as well as identifying local places that could be incorporated into an excursion.

Presland, G, Aboriginal Melbourne: The lost land of the Kulin people, Harriland Press, Forest Hill, Australia, 2001. This book is helpful for teachers in building background information about the history of the Aboriginal people around the Melbourne area.

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