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Redmond Barry is associated with Ballyclough, County Cork, Ireland located at these coordinates 52.1675, -8.74305555556

Date of Birth: 7th June 1813
Date of Death: 23rd November 1880
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The Barrys, a landlord family, hailed from Ballyclough in County Cork. Redmond, the fifth of thirteen children, was educated at Trinity College and called to the Bar in 1838; the following year he left for Australia. The next decade saw him climb the ladder, both socially and in the legal profession. He began a longstanding affair with a married woman, Louisa Barrow, and had four children by her. Barry was appointed a judge in 1852, and spent the remainder of his life as one of the most important public figures in Melbourne, being knighted in 1860. He is best remembered as the judge who sentenced Ned Kelly to death, but he also presided over eleven of the Eureka Treason Trials in his capacity as Solicitor General. Redmond Barry comes across as the epitome of the stern, inflexible man of law, with men's lives in his hands. Yet socially he was considered pleasant, and had been thought a handsome man when young.


Sir Redmond Barry, University of Melbourne University of Melbourne Photographs (UMA/I/1506)

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