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Record of the Month October 2011 is associated with Prahran, Victoria located at these coordinates -37.851524, 144.993484

I am an Access Services Officer and have worked at PROV for 18 years and have been researching my family history for 30 years.

Researching one of my ancestor’s lines, I found that Cornelius Marsden was mentioned in a divorce in 1914. This has lead to the following two records on show.

They are a prison register and petty sessions register and show how the records can be linked.

The first one is the pages of prison register VPRS 515/p0 unit 62 Central Register of Male Prisoners for Cornelius Marsden who has approximately eight aliases. This record has been digitised as part of PROV’s digitisation of prison registers closed under section 11 of the Public Record Act 1973, for conservation.

The second record is VPRS 1931/p0 unit 21 Court of Petty Sessions/Magistrates Court Police/Arrest Register Prahran, for John Sylvester. There is also an entry in VPRS1931/p0 unit 18 under his alias Cornelius Marsden.

Once I had the prison details it confirms Cornelius has at least eight alias for various offences. It also shows his intermittent time in gaol from 1910 to 1948 the majority were of minor offences. This information has led to various petty sessions registers, one of which Is Prahran and two Criminal Trial briefs for Stealing in a dwelling which were heard at the Melbourne General Sessions court.

You may also find entries of petty sessions cases in the Argus newspaper online at the National Library of Australia website. These usually give the report on the day of the trial.

Pam Sheers - Access Services Officer

Record Citation: VPRS 1931/P0, Unit 21 Court of Petty Sessions/Magistrates Court Police/Arrest Register Prahran
Record URL:
Agency: VA 4101 Prahran Courts
Agency URL:
Date: 1914/02/05
Record Type: Court Record
Event Type: Conviction
Language: en
Copyright URL:
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User Tags: prison register

Cornelius Marsden prison register 51p0 unit 62 detail2.jpg

Cornelius Marsden prison register 51p0 unit 62 detail1.jpg



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