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This record is part of a selection of various items from Dr. William Snowball who had a connection with the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Melbourne from 1878 until his death which occurred in 1902. All of the items within this series were originally donated to the RCH by Dr Snowball’s descendent Bill Snowball, of Cockatoo, Victoria (c1995). Some of the items within this series include a Case Book which is leather bound and has inscribed on the front cover ‘Case Book, Dr Snowball’ .24/9/1884-20/6/1888, Three mounted 8X10” illustrated and colour printed personal invitations to Dr. and Mrs. Snowball to attend Federation events held by the Victorian Governments, One large bronze medal, a selection of certificates, letters and Pictorial pages from ‘The Weekly Times’, 25/5/1901 – visit of the Duchess of Cornwall and York to the RCH. Some further items have been retained by the Royal Children’s Hospital as at 2011.This record is quite special and unique as it is a small leather bound book containing a collection of recipes and a few summary case notes in Dr. Snowball’s writing. Many of the pages within this book however where unused. The book altogether has several recipes which have been hand written as well as cut out off what appears to be newspapers or magazines and pasted into the book. Some of the recipes found within this book include Fruit cake, Christmas cake, Lamingtons, Lemon Syrup, Tomato Fritters, Mince Pies, Salmon Salad, Cocoanut Caramels, Cheese Biscuits and a selection of various Pudding Recipes which could suggest that Dr. Snowball had a strong liking to Pudding.

Record Citation: PROV VPRS 16797/P1, Unit 1, Recipe Book (c1883)
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Agency: VA 1239 Royal Children's Hospital.
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Date: 1883
Record Type: Book
Event Type: Recipes
Language: en
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User Tags: hospital, recipe, children, food, cooking, flemington

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VPRS 16797/P1 , Unit 1, Item - Recipe Book (c1883)

My Interest in this Record:One of the many benefits of working in the position of Access Services Officer at the Public Record Office Victoria is having the ability to view a vast variety of records which I have found both to be interesting and fascinating. I am interested in this particular record as it contains a collection of some great recipes on foods that I enjoy to eat such as Fruit Cake and who could ever resist a nice Lamington, the Cocoanut Caramels sound very nice as well. Dr. William Snowball was appointed resident doctor at the Children’s Hospital (1878) where he became an honorary there in 1882 after having commenced his own practice in paediatric medicine at Carlton. He devoted his life to children, to their hospital and to those who cared for them which makes this record a unique find as does it suggest that Dr. Snowball also shared a passion for food and cooking? Sasho Talevski - Access Services Officer

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