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provides service is a special property in Public Record Office Victoria with a built-in meaning: it can be used to add service links to properties.

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Has british pounds 1830-1914 +Purchasing Power  +
Has british pounds 1915-1940 +Purchasing Power  +
Has british pounds 1941-1965 +Purchasing Power  +
Has british pounds 1966-1979 +Purchasing Power  +
Has british pounds 1980-2009 +Purchasing Power  +
Has coordinates +online maps  +
Has government agency name +Wikipedia  +, PROV Catalogue  +, PROV website  +,
Has keywords +Wikipedia  +, PROV Catalogue  +, PROV website  +,
Has locomotive class +PROV Catalogue  +, PROV website  +, Freebase  +,
Has narcotics name +PROV Catalogue  +, PROV website  +, Alcohol and Drugs History Society  +,
Has person name +Australian Dictionary of Biography  +, Wikipedia  +, PROV Catalogue  +,
Has record type +PROV Catalogue  +, PROV website  +, Wikipedia  +
Has ship name +PROV Catalogue  +, PROV website  +, TROVE  +,


Located in +online maps (location name)  +, Wikipedia  +, PROV website  +,
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