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104 Victoria Street Flemington +Rates Books  +


33 Victoria Street Flemington +Rate Books  +


Applications For Residence and Business Areas and Claims, Ballarat District, Central Division – Albert Street Sebastopol +mining  +


Ballarat - key sheet to Township Plans, Imperial measure 5030 +Township Plan  +


Coronation Queen Elizabeth, Special Civic Service - St Andrew's Kirk, Ballaarat +Program  +


Guano and Other Licenses - John Lavington Evans, Palmerston Island +Indenture  +


Leadbeater's Pendant - 1980 progress report +File note  +
Leadbeater's Pendant - 1981 progress report +File note  +
Leadbeater's Pendant - Administrative Arrangements +File note  +
Leadbeater's Pendant - Notes from business registration check +File note  +
Leadbeater's Possum - Des Hackett's captive breeding program +Departmental records and correspondence  +
Leadbeater's Possum - Fisheries and Wildlife Division case for Leadbeater's Possum reserve 1976 +Memorandum  +
Leadbeater's Possum - Forest Commission of Victoria field trip 1981 +Guides  +
Leadbeater's Possum - Forest Commission of Victoria's submission to General Select Committee on Wildlife +submission  +
Leadbeater's Possum - Memorandum, Deleterious effects of road words on Leadbeaters possum +Memorandum  +
Leadbeater's Possum - Review of research program 1983 +Report  +
Leadbeater's Possum - Warneke memorandum 1962 +Memorandum  +


Maffra Rate Books - VPRS 16778 +Rate Book  +
Midwives Register - Sarah Jane Ellis +Midwives Register  +
Mining Company Registration Files - The Sebastopol Central Mining Company No Liability +Mining Company Registration Files  +


Orang-utan twins' 7th Birthday +Press Release  +


Program for Coronation Celebrations, Euroa +Program  +


Record of the Month - November 2012 VPRS 16644 Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve, historical records +Environment and Conservation  +
Record of the Month: December 2013 +criminal trial brief  +
Robert Wallace Howes Kew Asylum Patient Record +Hospital Admission Records  +
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