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A list of pages tagged with people's occupations. Occupations that get used more often as tags appear larger in the tag cloud.

a clothier activist ag. labour animal husbandry Apprentice architects attorney attorney general Auctioneer baker Baker blacksmith boilermaker Bootmaker bootmaker bricklayer brickmaker brick maker Brickmaker builder building contractor butcher Butcher Cabinet Maker captain Carpenter carpenter carpet layer carriage cleaner Carrier carter Carter Chemist Child's Maid cleaner/fireman clerk Clerk c of e rev. commissioner constable cook Cooper cornwell chronical coroner councillor curator currier Dairymaid Dairy Maid Dariry Maid detective constable detective officer director doctor Doctor doing Sewing and Knitting domestic servants domestic worker Draper Dressmaker eng cleaner/fireman engine driver engineer entrepreneur Farmer Farmhouse Servant Farm Servant farrier Fellmonger fencer fireman/eng driver fruit dealer ganger gardener gatekeeper gatewoman General Servant gentleman governess grocer Grocer groom Head Matron head teacher health officer herbalist Hotelkeeper housekeeper Housekeeper House Maid Housemaid House Servant infant mistress inspector jeweller jockey junior clerk juror Kitchenmaid laborer labourer Labourer labourer/repairer laundress Laundress law clerk Locksmith machinist machinists mason master mariner mayor medical botanist medical practitioner methodist rev Milkman milliners mine manager miner Miner Musician musician Needle Woman Needlewoman Needlework never been in Service Nurse nurse Nurse girl Nurse Maid Nurse maid Nursemaid painter Painter Parlour Maid pastry cook peace officer philanthropist police magistrate policeman Policeman porter porter/signalman porter/stnmaster printer proprietor proprietress Publican queen rail employee railway employee railway worker rate collector repairer repairer/ganger restaurateur Sailmaker Schoolmaster seamstress secretary senior constable Servant Sewing Woman sharebroker shepherd Shoemaker shopkeeper signalman smith solicitor Staymaker Stonemason stonemason Storekeeper Superintendent of Work in Union surgeon Surveyor surveyor Tailor Tanner tanner teacher Teacher tent maker ticket collector/grd town clerk tram driver traveller Washerwoman wholesale butcher Wine Merchant wood machinist woodworker worked at a Lace Factory

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121 Victoria Street Flemington +builder  +
123 Victoria Street Flemington +builder  +, bootmaker  +
127 Victoria Street Flemington +a clothier  +
131 Victoria Street Flemington +railway worker  +, engineer  +
133 Victoria Street Flemington +bricklayer  +
141 Victoria Street Flemington +labourer  +


33 Victoria Street Flemington +jockey  +, teacher  +


59 Victoria Street Flemington +tram driver  +, labourer  +


63 Victoria Street Flemington +baker  +, machinists  +, nurse  +,
67 Victoria Street Flemington +labourer  +
69 Victoria Street, Flemington +farrier  +


75 Victoria Street Flemington +tanner  +


85 Victoria Street Flemington +wholesale butcher  +


Aby Sullivan +Nursemaid  +
Agnes McAllister +House Servant  +
Agnes Robinson +General Servant  +
Alfred Cracknell +jockey  +, blacksmith  +, clerk  +
Alice Ball +Nursemaid  +, Apprentice  +, Sailmaker  +
Alice Carrol +House Servant  +
Alice Donnelly +never been in Service  +
Alice McMahon +never been in Service  +
Alice Sweeny +never been in Service  +
Allotment 11 Section 10, Albert Street, Sebastopol +bootmaker  +
Allotment 3 Section 5, Albert Street, Sebastopol +gentleman  +
Allotment 43 Section 10, Albert Street, Sebastopol +surveyor  +, town clerk  +
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