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Philip Lynch is associated with 16 Bateman Street Hampton located at these coordinates -37.9327337, 145.0157956

Date of Birth: 21 Feb 1902
Date of Death: 11 May 1956
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Philip Lynch was born in Glasgow Scotland on 21 February 1902 - the son of Philip Lynch Senior, labourer, and Mary Donnelly, housekeeper. Although his parents were Irish Catholics and had two children (Elizabeth and James) born prior to Philip, they didn't marry until 1908 and had several more children in the meantime.

Mary Donnelly was born c1870 in Ireland but I have been unable to verify the location. Her parents were William James Donnelly and Mary McCann but again I have been unable to find where they are from. Mary's father was deceased at the time of her marriage in 1908 and her mother had re-married (to an Unknown Doherty). Mary McCann was still alive in 1917 when Mary died of tuberculosis.

Philip Lynch Senior struggled with poor health and I have records from Glasgow verifying his requests for assistance. After his wife's death, the children were split up and supposedly placed in orphanages ... again I have been unable to verify this.

Philip Lynch Junior apparently lied about his age and joined the Army at some stage because the next verifiable event is obtained via his passport when he was discharged from the Army and migrated from Cairo, Egypt to Melbourne Victoria in 1926. He arrived in Perth, W.A. from Port Said, Egypt, on the 01 October 1926 on board the "cephee" - ref. NAA: K269, 1 OCT 1926 CEPHEE (At the time of writing this, I am waiting for his military records.)

I don't know how or when Philip and my grandmother, Margaret Marshall Hastie met but they married in May,1929 with my auntie, Edna June Lynch(known as June)was born on 26 December 1929, my mother, Patricia Margaret Lynch, born 07 April 1935 and a son (still living) born 24 December 1938 - all born in Coburg, Victoria.

Philip's occupation is given as barman on his wedding certificate but shortly before he died, he was working for the Post Master General (PMG). My grandmother worked as a housekeeper and sometimes lived in. At some stage during the Depression, he was out of work and was put to work on the roads. During World War 2, Philip lowered his age and enlisted in the Royal Australian Air Force but was invalided out of the RAF due to a heartattack. (At this time, I am waiting on his Service Record from the National Archives of Australia - NAA)

He suffered a further heartattack about April/May 1956 and was hospitalised at the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital where he was afflicted with bedsores necessitating the amputation of his leg. He died 11 May 1956 - officially of a heart attack but my mother, Patricia, always insisted that he did not want to live as a cripple after the amputati

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Has coordinates37° 55' 58" S, 145° 0' 57" ELatitude: -37.9327337
Longitude: 145.0157956
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Has date21 February 1902 +, 1 October 1926 +, 26 December 1929 +, 7 April 1935 + and 11 May 1956 +
Has death date11 May 1956 +
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Latitude-37.933 +
Located in16 Bateman Street Hampton +, Glasgow Scotland +, Cairo, Egypt +, Perth, W.A. + and Port Said, Egypt +
Longitude145.016 +
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