Outward Correspondence - Robert Hoddle to the Surveyor-General, Sydney, 10 April 1837

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Outward Correspondence - Robert Hoddle to the Surveyor-General, Sydney, 10 April 1837 is associated with Melbourne, Australia located at these coordinates -37.8131869, 144.9629796

Correspondence from Robert Hoddle, Surveyor, to the Surveyor-General, Sydney.

Record Citation: PROV VPRS 6/P0, unit 1
Record URL: http://access.prov.vic.gov.au/public/component/daPublicBaseContainer?component=daViewSeries&entityId=6
Agency: VA 943 Surveyor General's Department, Port Phillip Branch (also known as the Melbourne Survey Office)
Agency URL: http://www.access.prov.vic.gov.au/public/component/daPublicBaseContainer?component=daViewAgency&entityId=943
Date: 10 April 1837
Record Type: Outward Correspondence
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Language: en
Copyright URL: http://prov.vic.gov.au/copyright
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VPRS 6 Unit 1 Hoddle.jpg The surveyor-general Sydney, 10 April 1837

No: 28


I have the honour to inform you that upon my arrival at Port Phillip I was commanded by His Excellency, the governor, to take charge of the Survey Department there, and also to lay down the Towns of Melbourne and Williams, marking the names of the streets at the corners, and staking the Allotments most likely to be immediately required, which duty I have performed.

Likewise to report the progress of the Survey and to procure such Plans as may have been completed. From Mr Russell I could only obtain a Plan of the Settlement executed by himself and Mr D’Arcy , on which I drew a plan of the Town of Melbourne.

Mr Darke produced a plan showing the coast of Port Phillip from Point Gellibrand to the Mouth of the Weariby River, the Eastern and Western shores of Hobson’s Bay, Hobson’s River, about 7 miles of Yarra Yarra River, and part of the Eastern Coast of Port Phillip (in all 62½ miles).

Mr D’Arcy stated he had surveyed from the Mouth of the Weariby River to the Western Head of the Harbour, and had completed 93 miles, and would furnish a plan without loss of time.

Upon enquiring of the causes of so little progress having been made, I was informed “The Horses arrived in bad condition” and that they were unable to take the Field before the month of December and January –Mr Darke met with an accident: A Medical Certificate for which, I have transmitted to the Governor.

The Three assistant surveyors complain they were not furnished with proper instruments. Mr Russell had a Theodolite and Messrs Darke and D’Arcy were using Katers Compasses. They were also in want of Drawing Instruments. I was under the necessity of leaving my circumferemtor behind for their use.

When enquiring of the state and condition of their Equipment,

Image Transcript Margin Notes Body of Transcript
VPRS 6 Unit 1 Hoddle No 28 - right side sharpened.jpg I found they have adopted a novel mode of Expenditure by equally dividing the Stores. The reason given was that the Commissariat Officer would not be responsible for the safety of the Stores.

I was further directed to draw up a detailed report of the course I would propose to take for the early accomplishment of such a portion of the District to the West and North of Melbourne as would enable the Government to offer sections for Sale. And also to state what further equipment may be required for a Branch of the Survey Department consisting of myself and three Assistant Surveyors.

The course I proposed was for Messrs Russell and Darke to survey the Yarra Yarra River, and their tributary streams, and permanent waters; as far as the land is most likely to be at first available: and that I should mark off the sections on the margin of the Yarra Yarra River and waters, agreeable to the usual practice of marking sections, which were to be commenced from the reserve , two miles west of Batman’s Hill, village reserves being left at intervals of six miles.

Mr D’Arcy to survey the permanent waters and the rivers Moorabool and Barwon, preparatory to marking of the section lines.

I also directed their particular attention to the instructions contained in your letter dated 10th September 1836, addressed to Mr assistant surveyor Russell,

I have the honour to be

Your most obedient servant,

Robert Hoddle


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Has person nameMr Russell +, Mr D’Arcy +, Mr Darke +, Messrs Russell + and Robert Hoddle +
Has record agencyVA 943 Surveyor General's Department, Port Phillip Branch (also known as the Melbourne Survey Office) +
Has record citationPROV VPRS 6/P0, unit 1 +
Has record typeOutward Correspondence +
Has record urlhttp://access.prov.vic.gov.au/public/component/daPublicBaseContainer?component=daViewSeries&entityId=6 +
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Located inMelbourne, Australia +, Port Phillip +, Melbourne +, Williams +, Point Gellibrand +, Weariby River +, Hobson’s Bay +, Hobson’s River +, Yarra Yarra River +, Moorabool + and Barwon +
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