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Outward Correspondence - Robert Hoddle, No. 57 is associated with Melbourne, Australia located at these coordinates -37.8131869, 144.9629796

Outward correspondence from surveyor, Robert Hoddle, No. 57.

Record Citation: PROV VPRS 6/P0, unit 1
Record URL: http://access.prov.vic.gov.au/public/component/daPublicBaseContainer?component=daViewSeries&entityId=6
Agency: VA 943 Surveyor General's Department, Port Phillip Branch (also known as the Melbourne Survey Office)
Agency URL: http://www.access.prov.vic.gov.au/public/component/daPublicBaseContainer?component=daViewAgency&entityId=943
Date: 7 December 1837
Record Type: Outward Correspondence
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Language: en
Copyright URL: http://prov.vic.gov.au/copyright
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VPRS 6 Unit 1 Hoddle Page 57 left.jpg (Please note, right page that follows still to be uploaded) No. 57.

Melbourne 7th December 1837, Port Phillip

Dear Sir,

I have the honour to report for your information the state of the Department in this part of the Colony : and the progress made by the Officers employed. The agregate number of running miles, surveyed by Mr. D'arcy between the months of March and November was '80 Previous to that period about 90 miles. Mr Darke between March & November about 63 miles ; also levelling for the streets and marking furrows ; about another months work. The great cause of such slow progress concerns visits to the Settlement. I have been obliged to write sharply on the subject of those visits. I also obtained previously to that period, a running survey of 60 miles from the latter gentleman.

I have now surveyed and marked in Sections about 80,000 Acres, about 7/8? surveyed by myself. I have nearly completed a half of the same, and shall as soon as possible complete another to trasmitt to Head Quarters. I have had frequent interruptions, by being obliged to look after, instead of being assisted by those under my orders.

I am obliged to draw my Plans in my Tent, and of course cannot possibly draw a proper plan, when the Thermometer ranges some days at noon at 104 degrees; and at other times less than 60 degrees within a few days. The ? high.

I regret to state that office and those are in slow progress. The Public Property is deposited in a large tent, accessible to other Departments, who have unceremoniously made use of the stores belonging to the Department without the courtesy of transmitting a Receipt for the ? stores that have been taken away, which I have since recovered. There is a person appointed as a Storekeeper, who is obliged only to attend at a ? period in the day. The consequence is, I am obliged to wait their pleasure to get my Stores, and cannot without great difficulty obtain what I require. I have not been able to hold any regular survey on the Stores. I have desired Mr D'arcy to give up the Public Property in direction to your Instructions of No 37/441 dated 29th August 1837, a ? of which I have obtained. His equipment nearly all unserviceable.

Mr Smythe arrived here on 20th November. I shall report upon his competency, ,the first opportunity.

Referring to your Letter No 37 / 472 dated 15th September 1837. When creditable information, I understand that there is a Site for a Town near Port Henry. The Swamps area of salt water ; and no fresh water to be found. As soon as I have completed my plans of my ? survey I ? going to Geelong to report upon the subject.

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Has coordinates37° 48' 47" S, 144° 57' 47" ELatitude: -37.8131869
Longitude: 144.9629796
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Has person nameRobert Hoddle +, Mr. D'arcy + and Mr Darke +
Has record agencyVA 943 Surveyor General's Department, Port Phillip Branch (also known as the Melbourne Survey Office) +
Has record citationPROV VPRS 6/P0, unit 1 +
Has record typeOutward Correspondence +
Has record urlhttp://access.prov.vic.gov.au/public/component/daPublicBaseContainer?component=daViewSeries&entityId=6 +
Has rightshttp://prov.vic.gov.au/copyright +
Latitude-37.813 +
Located inMelbourne, Australia + and Port Phillip +
Longitude144.963 +
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