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Napier Waller is associated with Penshurst, Victoria located at these coordinates -37.8751454, 142.2908847

Date of Birth: 19 June 1893
Date of Death: 30 March 1972
Also known as: mervyn napier waller
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Waller’s life

Mervyn Napier Waller was born in Penshurst in Victoria’s Western District in 1893. In 1913 at the age of twenty he came to Melbourne to attend the National Gallery School under Frederick McCubbin (drawing) and Bernard Hall (painting). He was an assiduous and talented student and won many prizes. His artistic career was interrupted by the Great War. In August 1915 he enlisted in the AIF 22nd Infantry Battalion and went into training. The following year he married Christian Yandell, a fellow student at the National Gallery School. Shortly afterwards he embarked for Europe where, after further teaining in England, he fought in several battles in France. He was injured at Bullecourt in 1917 and lost his right arm. With great determination he taught himself to draw with his left hand. Back home in Melbourne he earned a reputation for his watercolours and relief prints and could have been expected to remain an easel painter. In the later 1920s, however, particularly after his and Christian’s European study tour in 1929-30, he became increasingly preoccupied with stained glass and murals, undertaking some of the most important commissions awarded in this country. The largest of them - the stained glass windows and mosaic mural decorations for the Australian War Memorial, Canberra - occupied him and a team of assistants from 1952 to 1958. He continued working on stained glass windows and murals until his death in 1972.

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Facts about "Napier Waller"RDF feed
Also known asmervyn napier waller +
Has birth date19 June 1893 +
Has coordinates37° 52' 31" S, 142° 17' 27" ELatitude: -37.8751454
Longitude: 142.2908847
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Has date1893 + and 1972 +
Has death date30 March 1972 +
Has keywordsmuralist +, mural + and napier waller +
Has occupationpainter +
Has person nameNapier Waller +, Frederick McCubbin +, Bernard Hall + and Christian Yandell +
Has related resource +
Latitude-37.875 +
Located inPenshurst, Victoria +, Penshurst +, Melbourne +, France +, Bullecourt + and Australian War Memorial, Canberra +
Longitude142.291 +
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