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Menu for Bankers Ball 1938, State Bank Victoria Archives is associated with Palais Theatre, St Kilda, Victoria located at these coordinates -37.8675123, 144.9789807

Menu from Bankers Ball 1938 - an annual ball attended by employees of the State Bank of Victoria.

Record Citation: VPRS 8936/P1 State Bank Victoria Archives - Ephemera Collection, unit 234, item E386, Invitation/Menu to Bankers Ball 1938
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Agency: VA 1041 - State Bank of Victoria (1978 – 1990)
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Date: 9 June 1938
Record Type: Menu
Event Type: Ball
Language: en
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PROV-50D 2011 12 15 002735.JPG CHUBB

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PROV-50D 2011 12 15 002736.JPG it is 8.30 p.m. and the door of the SAFE swings open come inside everyone look about you and see the sort of BANK we would like to own on the right behind the NOTE ISSUE DEPARTMENT (orcestra to you) is perhaps the most important feature of this most unusual banking chamber the DRAFT DEPARTMENT about half our DRAFTS are kept here these may be inspected and if you so desire partaken of from about the hour of 9 p.m. another branch of this department may be found almost behind those FINANCIAL MAGNATES you can all see at the far end of the chamber (just to the left of their BOARD ROOM) to the left again is the LIQUID ASSETS DEPARTMENT where the ladies negotiate their P/N's and these at any time before 10.30 p.m. please various other departments may be inspected at your leisure or when occasion arises now we've seen the layout of this novel institution let's see how the business is conducted and while you're waiting just try your fist with that OVERDRAFT APPLICATION FORM dont't let it get too soiled boys!!

a couple of hours later give them plenty of room please that's THE HIMINGS and none of you can dance like that!

10.45 p.m. and we eat (see contra)

we are forced to break into verse here listen:- "if your party is dull and you want to leave stick it till MIDNIGHT by then you'll have EVE!!!"

12.45 a.m. or thereabouts sorry to interrupt your d---ing again but it's worth it stop look listen the HURRICANE HOTSHOTS

it's getting late now we've done our best the rest is up to you


The Commitee of the Banker's Ball desires to thank all donors who have generously aided in making this Ball a success


9.30 P.M.

Orange Cup Saratoga Chips Ginger Almonds Raisins

10.45 P.M.

Cold Roast Seasoned Pork Tonge Cumberland Ham Potato Lettuce Tomato Beetroot Pickled Cucumber Eggs with Mayonaise Dressing Cheese and Crackeers Eclairs Snowballs Cream Puffs Butterflies Egyptians Cream Slices Almond Pastery Assorted Pastry Supremes Coconut Drops Shortbreads Cream Kisses Gc. Fruit Salad Coffee


Oyster Soup Beef Tea Toasted Brown Bread Rolls: Asparagus Savoury Cheese Curried Egg Toasted Sandwiches: Ham Spaghetti Tomato Savory Cheese Assorted Cakes and Pastry Orange Cup Coffee

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PROV-50D 2011 12 15 002737.JPG The Bankers' Ball

Palais de Danse, St. Kilda

Thursday - 9th June - 1938


L. J. McConnan, President Lisle J. T. Jones, Vice-President Miss Eileen Stirling } Joint Honorary Secretaries R. N. Macaulay Roy E. Gregerson, Honorary Treasurer

Misses Nancy Burke, Beryl Cohen, Beryl Durst, Peggy Haines, Vola Hine and Murielle Pittman

Messrs C. H. Anniss, G. H. Benwell, L. G. Byrne, N. M. Boan, K. M. Clark, A. G. Daffey, T. F. Davies, A. J. Hine, A. E. Hore, E. J. Penny, A. Pullen, N. Robson, J. Rogerson, A. B. Sanderson, J. C. Shovelton and B. M. West (The Reserve Liability of the Commitee is Limited)

The Production of this Menu is by courtesy of Messrs. MASON, FIRTH, & McCUTCHEON PTY. LTD. SPICERS & DETMOLD LTD. and CHUBB'S AUSTRALIAN CO. LTD.

} }

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