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May Day March - Record of the Month May 2013 is associated with Corner Spring, Nicholson & Lonsdale Streets, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia located at these coordinates -37.8104620555, 144.972817898

VPRS 807 Police Inward Correspondence was created as part of the management and administration of the Police Force and as a means of communicating and recording essential matters and information important to the exercises of its law enforcement functions. Matters dealt with concern the administration of the Victoria Police and the exercise of specific functions such as criminal investigation, regulation of motor vehicles and general law enforcement.

This flyer is part of Item A4337 in Unit 7 and contains correspondence reporting on Socialists meetings in Melbourne between 30th April and 22 May 1894. Notable dissidents of the time reviled Members of Parliament as "thieves, scoundrels and criminals in the economic sense of the word", the then-Premier Sir J.B. Patterson as "the champion liar of the colony" and the people of Melbourne as "spineless and without manhood". The unemployed were incited to agitate for better conditions and march on May Day from the statue of Burke and Wills (which, at that time, was situated on the corners of Spring, Nicholson and Lonsdale Streets opposite Parliament House) to take part in a "Monster Demonstration on the South Side of the Yarra Bank.

Record Citation: VPRS 807/P0000/000007 item A4337
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Agency: VA 724 Victoria Police 1894-ct
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Date: 06 May 1894
Record Type: Correspondence
Event Type: Political Meeting
Language: en
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User Tags: may day, socialists, workers, unemployed, labor day

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07-P0000-000007 page 1 sml.JPG Liberty, Equality, Fraternity


Workers! Workers! Workers!


Will be celebrated by a Monster DEMONSTRATION on the Yarra Bank (South Side), on Sunday, 6th May at three p.m.

REPRESENTATIVE SPEAKERS will address the Meeting. A first-class Band will render popular Selections during the Afternoon.

WORKERS assemble at BOURKE & WILLS MONUMENT (Spring St) at 2 p.m.


Image Transcript Margin Notes Body of Transcript
00019-P0000-000037 0338sml.JPG THE MARSEILLAISE HYMN

YE SONS of toil, awake to glory, Hark, hark, what myrids bid you rise; Your children, wives, and grandsires hoary - Behold their tears and hear their cries, Shall hateful tyrants, mischief breeding, Withhireling host, a ruffian band, Affright and desolate the land, While peace and liberty lie bleeding?

CHORUS To arms, to arms, ye brave, The avenging sword unsheath, March on, march on, all hearts resolved On liberty or death.

Now, now the dangerous storm is rolling, Which treacherous kings confederate raise; The dogs of war, let loose, are howling, And lo! our fileds and cities blaze. And shel we basely view the ruin, While lawless force, with guilty stride, Spread desolation far and wide, With crimes and blood his hands imbruing?

To arms, to arms, etc.

With luxury and pride surrounded, The vile insatiate despots dare, Their thirst of power and gold unbounded, To mete and vend the light and air. Like beasts of burden would they load us, Like gods, would bid their slaves adore; But man is man, and who is more? Then shall they longer lash and goad us?

To arms, to arms, etc.

Oh! liberty, can man resign thee, Once having felt thy gen'rous flame? Can dungeons, bolts or bars confine thee? Or whips thy noble spirit tame? Too long the world has wept, bewailing That falsehood's dagger tyrants wield; But freedom is our sword and shield, And all their arts are unavailing.

To arms, to arms, etc.

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