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Mary Ann Coverlid is associated with dover street, richmond, Victoria located at these coordinates -37.8288444, 144.9916069

Date of Birth: 16th July 1811
Date of Death: 1905
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The following information was gathered by my mother (Phoebe Millar Macvean) and other family historians. Not all of the information in our records had its source acknowledged.

• Mary Coverlid was born 16.7.1811 in England

• She was the daughter of William Pitt who was a gunmaker

• She married Henry Coverlid, a hairdresser, at the Parish Church of St George, Bloomsbury, County of Middlesex on 16.7.1838, when she was 29 and he was 23. Witnesses of the marriage were Sophia (nee Pitt) and John Coverlid, who were, respectively, Mary Ann's cousin and Henry's brother.

• Mary Ann and Henry then lived at Herne Bay, Kent

• With their 13-year-old daughter, Esther Eliza Coverlid, they sailed from London aboard the ship Java, leaving on 3.11.1854 and arriving in Port Phillip in 1854.

• Coverlid Place, off Little Bourke Street in Melbourne, marks the site of the Coverlid hairdressing business that was at 124 Little Bourke Street, where Henry spent his working life in Australia.

• Henry and Mary Ann lived at Marianne Cottage, 83 Dover Street, Richmond, for decades.

• Their daughter married William Keller in 1860 and the couple later migrated to New Zealand, leaving their first child, Louise Marie Keller, with Mary Ann and Henry, who raised her. It was intended that she would follow her parents to New Zealand, but she didn't visit there until she was much older.

• Henry died at 83 Dover Street in February, 1893. Mary Ann lived there until 1904, when she went to live with her grand-daughter, now known as Louise Kohlmeyer, at 16 Rooney Street, Richmond. Mary Ann died there in 1905, aged 94.

• Mary Ann's obituary appeared in The Richmond Guardian on the 28th of October, 1905:

Another old resident of Richmond passed away last Monday, in the person of Mrs Mary Ann Coverlid, widow of the late Henry Coverlid, Hairdresser, who for many years resided in Dover Street, and who pre-deceased her twelve years. The deceased lady, who died at her grand-daughter's residence, Rooney Street, had reached the extreme old age of 95 years, and had lived in the State for 50 years, most of the time in Richmond. The late Mrs Coverlid was a prominent worker at St Stephen's Church of England in its early history, and until recently, attended divine worship there.

This woman signed the 1891 Women's Suffrage Petition You can see the entire petition on the Parliament of Victoria Website.

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(Information courtesy of Anne Macvean)

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