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Annie Lowe of St Kilda

This person used this address when signing the Women's Suffrage petition in 1891. Log in to edit this section. 

Born Ann Hopkins in 1828 to William and Susannah Hopkins, her grandparents were early settlers on the Hawkesbury near Sydney. 

She attributed her devotion to the suffrage cause to her father, a man of liberal views and a considerable landowner, who had championed manhood suffrage in New South Wales. Mrs Lowe recalled that he had discussed politics with all of his children (three boys and three girls) and treated them equally.

When she came to Victoria with her husband, Josiah Alexander Lowe, she applied her father’s arguments for manhood suffrage to the women’s cause.

Annie Lowe and Henrietta Dugdale founded the first women's suffrage society in Australia, the Victorian Women’s Suffrage Society, in 1884.  The Society’s aim was to obtain the same political privileges for women as those enjoyed by men, and had both male and female members.

Mrs Lowe visited Maryborough in September 1895 and made a stirring speech, saying “the object of the Women’s Franchise League was plain and simple: it was summed up with one word — JUSTICE.”

Mrs Lowe first voted in the Commonwealth Election of 1903.

Mrslowe1.jpg(Photograph courtesy of the Mitchell Library, NSW) This portrait of Mrs Annie Lowe was published in The Australian Woman’s Sphere, 5 December 1903.

(Research provided by Marie Kau, Talbot)

Annie Lowe of Mary St Kew

This person used this address when signing the Women's Suffrage petition in 1891. Log in to edit this section.

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