Leadbeater's Possum - Investigation of Bass River Valley sighting 1962

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Following the publication of Norman McCance's article in the Weekly Times in 1961, he received dozens of letters reporting sightings of Leadbeater's Possum from a various locations across Victoria. He received a report from a family living in the Bass River Valley and passed this information to J McNally at Fisheries and Wildlife because this was from an area that was previously known to have Leadbeater's Possums present.

Record Citation: PROV VPRS 11559/P1/311
Record URL: http://www.access.prov.vic.gov.au/public/component/daPublicBaseContainer?component=daViewSeries&entityId=11559
Agency: VA 551
Agency URL: http://access.prov.vic.gov.au/public/component/daPublicBaseContainer?component=daViewAgency&entityId=551
Date: 22/3/1962
Record Type: Correspondence
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Language: en
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