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Jane Sutherland is associated with Lytton Street, Carlton, melbourne located at these coordinates -37.7935783, 144.96673580000004

Date of Birth: 18th December 1853
Date of Death: 15th July 1928
Also known as:
Related Resource URL: http://adb.anu.edu.au/biography/sutherland-jane-8718
User Tags: 1891 women's suffrage petition

This signatory is the major and talented Heidelberg School artist Jane Sutherland, 1855-1928. We can be certain of the identification as she is living with two other signatories to the petition, her mother Jane senior and sister Julia. The address of Lytton Street is also correct for the Sutherland family. Jane Sutherland the artist left very few records that give later generations an insight into her beliefs and motivations. Her inclusion on the petition is exciting, but also confirms what is presumed as much as known about her free thinking and questioning nature and the progressive and enterprising milieu of the Sutherland family generally.

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