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James Bentley is associated with Ballarat, Victoria located at these coordinates -37.55, 143.85

Date of Birth:
Date of Death: 1873
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Originally from Surrey, James Bentley first comes into view with his transportation to Van Diemen's Land for forgery in 1843. Pardoned in 1851, he went to Ballarat, where after various temporary jobs he set himself up as an hotelier. The Eureka hotel, which burnt down on 17 October 1854, had been the most substantial establishment in the area, but was not considered an honest or reputable place. Bentley's role in the death of James Scobie led (eventually) to his conviction for manslaughter and three years hard labour; he was not present at the Stockade. After various attempts to build a new life, Bentley committed suicide in 1873, leaving a wife and family behind. Despite a disreputable history, Bentley seemed to have an ability to win important friends; such men backed his hotel in Ballarat, and according to the diggers, his initial escape over Scobie's murder was also due to having friends in high places.

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