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Isabella Woodward is associated with Aberdeen, Scotland located at these coordinates 57.1526, -2.11

Date of Birth: 1852
Date of Death: 1870
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I would like to register as a descendant of the Women’s Suffrage (“Monster”) Petition of 1891. My great grandmother, Isabella Woodward of Walhalla, Vic., signed the Petition.

I discovered this through the Vic Govt’s brilliant initiative of digitalising the names of the signatories to make it easier for people to research the involvement of their own families. Good on you! As an enthusiastic “Second Wave” feminist, I was delighted to discover great-grandmother Isabella’s name there. Born in Aberdeen, Scotland, in 1852, she came out to Australia on a sailing-ship in 1870 when she was only 19. She died giving birth to twins – her 6th and 7th children – when she was 46 years old.

A common enough story, I suppose, but the Government’s initiative and this year’s celebrations will enable us to bring that generation of “economic refugees” closer to their living relatives.

(Information courtesy of Ann Morrow, great grand-daughter of Isabella Woodward)

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