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The “Earl Grey” Scheme was implemented to select female orphans from the workhouses of Great Britain and Ireland and to bring them to the colonies. The majority of the orphans were victims of the Great Famine in Ireland and were young women aged between 12 and 20 years old. The definition of “orphan” was that the girls had lost one or both parents. On arrival in Australia, the girls were under the jurisdiction of various government officials and Orphans’ Committees and were indentured to employers for a specified term and wage. There was considerable opposition in Australia to the scheme due to factors such as anti-Catholic, anti-Irish prejudice, lack of education and lack of training in domestic areas. In consequence, the scheme was abolished in 1850 but the contribution of these young women to Victoria’s growth was immeasurable.


PROV Resources Used

In developing these pages we have utilised the resources of Public Record Office Victoria to discover the fate of Irish Famine Orphans who arrived in the Port Phillip district between 1848 and 1850 to alleviate the shortfall of “respectable” female labour. We explore the Inwards Passenger Lists, Immigration Correspondence, wills and probates, hotel licences, inquests, land, prison, court and mental health records to build a picture of our Irish ancestors’ life after their arrival. VPRS 115 Inward Correspondence (Immigration Branch) 1849-1851 is a wonderful source of information about this exciting period in our history. The series contains inward correspondence from Sydney and Melbourne officials such as the Colonial Secretary, the Colonial Treasurer, the Immigration Agents, Emigration Boards reporting on immigrant ships; the Surgeon Superintendents of immigrant ships reporting on the health of immigrants and discussing special inquiries; and from the Health Board. Correspondence from officials also includes instructions and discussions on the immigration regulations and procedures, reports on various ethnic groups of immigrants (ie. Germans), and passenger lists.It also includes letters from persons: Applications for free passage (using Form A Immigration Deposits used when nominating particular individuals for free passage)Applications for immigration of servants (using Form B Immigration Deposits used when nominating servants to be selected by agents in the United Kingdom). This procedure required payment of money to the Treasury in Melbourne. Applications for passage (using Form C Immigration Remittances when passage for a particular individual was desired)

Further Resources of Interest

There are many websites and publications commemorating the Earl Grey Famine Orphan Scheme. They will provide background for the conditions under which the girls lived in Ireland, on the voyage to Australia and once they settled in Australia.

Irish Famine Memorial Sydney introduces the Australian Monument to the Great Irish Famine and the girls who migrated to New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia and the vessels that carried them on their life-changing voyages.

Barefoot and Pregnant? Irish Famine Orphans in Australia Volumes 1 & 2 by Trevor McClaughlin is an essential reference tool for anyone researching the life and times of the Irish Famine Girls who came to Australia.

The Vessels

The vessels conveying the Port Phillip contingent of Orphans were the Lady Kennaway, Pemberton, New Liverpool, Diadem, Derwent and Eliza Caroline. The lengths of the voyages varied – depending mainly on weather conditions – as did the conditions on board each vessel.

Each vessel had a Surgeon Superintendent appointed to oversee health and sanitation on the voyages – he was assisted by a Chief Matron and several sub-Matrons. The Surgeon Superintendent and matrons looked out for the physical, mental and moral well-being of the “orphans.

Vessels chartered to convey “Orphans” to Port Phillip

Lady Kennaway

The Lady Kennaway arrived at Port Phillip on the 6th December 1848 at 8 pm after sailing from Plymouth on the 11th September (85 days passage) under Contract with the Colonial Land and Emigration Commissioners. (Nominal List of Passengers - VPRS 14/P0000/0004)

Francis Santry - Master
Walter Williams - Chief Officer
Michael Santry - Second Officer
Charles Orr - Third Officer

You can discover more about the conditions onboard the Lady Kennaway at Records relating to the "Lady Kennaway"

Pemberton – 14 May 1849

New Liverpool – 9 August 1849

Diadem – 10 January 1850

Derwent – 25 February 1850

Eliza Caroline – 31 March 1850

Irish Famine Orphans and their Supervisors who arrived in Victoria on the "Lady Kennaway"


Henry Brock - Surgeon Superintendent
Christina Ensor - Matron
Christina Ensor (2) - Sub-Matron
Ruth Madden - Governess
Margaret Smyth - Laundress
Mary Ann Smyth - Laundress
Robert Reid - Constable
John Maybury - Constable
James O'Brien - Constable
Hugh Leggatt - Constable
Robert Jenkins - Hospital Assistant

Famine Orphans

Catherine Baird
Jane Barrett
Jane Baxter
Bridget Benson
Mary Berne
Margaret Boland
Biddy Boyle
Ellen Boyle
Mary Boyle
Mary Boyle (2)
Mary Brady (2)
Catherine Brennan
Catherine Brien
Bridget Brown
Biddy Burke (2)
Biddy Burke (3)
Catherine Burke
Ellen Burke
Mary Carden
Catherine Caulaghan
Rose Cavanagh
Margaret Cleary
Mary Cogan
Margaret Cogan
Bridget Conaughton
Kate Connell
Mary Ann Connor
Mary Cooke
Biddy Costello
Mary Costello
Hannah Coyle
Biddy Crossen
Biddy Cuillan
Catherine Culbert
Biddy Cunningham
Elizabeth Cunningham
Biddy Curran
Judy Curran
Mary Curran
Nancy Curran
Sally Curran
Mary Ann Davis
Bridget Denaley
Biddy Devlin
Catherine Divor
Biddy Dogherty
Catherine Dogherty
Mary Dogherty
Margaret Donnellan
Ellen Doyle
Mary Doyle
Eliza Drum
Jane Drum
Bridget Duffy
Winifred Duffy
Grace Duggan
Margaret Dunlevy
Eliza Dunne
Ann Early
Eliza Early
Mary Early
Ellen Egan
Sarah Egan
Elizabeth Ellis
Katherine Ellis
Biddy Fallon
Bridget Ferry
Ann Folliott
Mary Folliott
Bessy Forbes
Mary Ford
Mary Fox
Biddy Gallagher
Ellen Gallagher
Jane Gardiner
Mary Geraghty
Bridget Gillespie
Sally Gillon
Ann Golden
Bessy Golden
Bessy Gordon
Catherine Gordon
Honor Gormally
Margaret Gorman
Bessy Grady
Eliza Green
Ellen Hamilton
Ellen Hogg
Caroline Hopkins
Biddy Hughes
Margaret Hughes
Margaret Hughes (2)
Mary Kearns
Ann Kelly (2)
Catherine Kelly
Catherine Kelly (2)
Catherine Kelly (3)
Elizabeth Kelly
Margaret Kelly
Mary Kelly (2)
Biddy Kenny
Catherine Kenny
Mary Kenny
Ann Kildea
Biddy Kildea
Margaret Kildea
Isabella Kinchella
Martha King
Mary Knox
Eliza Lambert
Ann Lawler
Alice Lawn
Eleanor Lawn
Sarah Lawn
Mary Leonard (2)
Honor Loftus
Margaret Loftus (2)
Mary Loftus
Biddy Lyons
Mary Lyons
Mary McAteer
Margaret McAward
Ann McCormack
Honor McCormick
Mary McCormick
Catherine McDeade
Mary McDeade
Sarah McDeade
Catherine McDermott
Rose McFadden
Catherine McGowan
Eliza McGowan
Mary McGowran
Catherine McGuire
Mary McHale
Catherine McHugh
Catherine McLachlan
Biddy McLean
Eliza Maclin
Mary McMahill
Margaret McMonaghan
Margaret McMonaghan (2)
Mary McMonaghan
Elizabeth McNamara
Mary McNamara (2)
Fanny Mannion
Mary Mitchell
Ann Moran
Mary Moran
Ann Mulligan
Catherine Murray
Winifred Nealis
Bridget Neill
Mary O'Hara
Bessy O'Laughlin
Margaret Patten
Mary Patten
Susan Pavey
Honor Pendergrast
Biddy Quin
Margaret Reynolds
Mary Reynolds
Margaret Roach
Winifred Roach
Mary Roan
Jane Rodden
Mary Roland
Rosy Rourke
Mary Ryan
Mary Saltry
Sarah Saltry
Terenda Saltry
Catherine Sheeran
Mary Sheeran
Margaret Smith
Dora Stafford
Jane Stafford
Catherine Stanton
Mary Stanton
Catherine Taniham
Bridget Tighe
Eliza Todd
Elizabeth Todd
Catherine Tolland
Sarah Tolland
Catherine Tyrrell
Celia Walsh
Mary Walsh
Ann Waters
Mary Whelan (2)
Eliza Wray

Irish Famine Orphans and their Supervisors who arrived in Victoria on the "Pemberton"


Mary Ann Ryan (2) - Matron
Mary Emily Archer
Mary Archbold
Elizabeth Corrigon
Alicia Nugent
Mary Ann Reynolds
Mary Naughton

Famine Orphans

Jane Anderson
Mary Armitage
Isabella Armstrong
Susan Armstrong
Isabella Ash
Ann Barrow
Mary Barrow
Johanna Barry
Mary Barry
Elleanor Beatie
Mary Ann Bearis
Honora Bently
Bridget Bergin
Mary Birmingham
Catherine Bourke
Mary Bourke
Marianne Bowen
Mary Ann Bowen
Mary Boyle (3)
Ellen Brady
Judy Breen
Mary Breen
Ellen Brien (3)
Mary Brien
Mary Brierton
Ann Bryan
Catherine Bryan
Charlotte Bryan
Ellen Bryan
Mary Bush
Eliza Butler
Margaret Butler
Ellen Cahill
Jane Cahill
Johanna Cahill
Bridget Cain (2)
Bridget Carboy
Margaret Carboy
Mary Cartey
Margaret Cavanagh
Mary Cash
Ellen Cassan
Biddy Cassidy
Bridget Clagherney
Augusta Clark
Bridget Cleary
Bridget Clune
Mary Coffey
Catherine Collins
Mary Ann Collins
Mary Collins (2)
Christina Conarty
Bridget Connell
Ellen Connolly (2)
Judy Connolly
Ellen Connors
Julia Connor
Peggy Connors
Mary Connors (2)
Mary Cooley
Mary Jane Corrigan
Julia Coughlan
Honora Courtney
Margaret Cowley
Mary Cowley
Jane Creegan
Mary Creighton
Catherine Cronan
Margaret Crow
Mary Crow
Margaret Cummins
Catherine Curley
Sally Curley
Eliza Curry
Margaret Curtin
Catherine Daley
Mary Daley
Mary Darcy
Eliza Mary Darcy
Mary Davis
Ellen Dogherty
Mary Dogherty (2)
Jane Donnelly
Maria Donohue
Mary Donohue
Mary Ann Downey
Mary Doyle (2)
Mary Doyle (3)
Ellen Duannan
Ellen Duggin
Ellen Dunbar
Ellen Dunbar (2)
Ann Dwyer
Jane Dwyer
Judy Egan
Mary Evans
Mary Ann Evans
Bridget Fallan
Margaret Mary Farrel
Ellen Feely
Mary Finn
Margaret Fitzgerald
Margaret Fitzgerald (2)
Maria Fitzgerald
Mary Fitzgerald
Grace Fleming
Jane Flynn
Susan Flynn
Ann Fogarty
Catherine Fogarty
Sarah Foley
Eliza Forster
Mary Fox (2)
Ellen Gallery
Margaret Galvin
Honor Gardener
Margaret Gardener
Catherine Gilfoyle
Susan Gilfoyle
Margaret Gilkison
Biddy Gleeson
Bridget Gleeson
Ellen Gleeson
Margaret Gleeson
Ellen Glover
Mary Golden
Ann Gordon
Ellen Gorman
Judy Gorman
Mary Grace
Mary Green (3)
Judy Greene
Jane Grillisk
Eliza Guilfoyle
Mary Elizabeth Hale
Mary Hall
Honora Halloran
Catherine Hanley
Margaret Harney
Jane Harris
Honora Hayes
Ellen Head
Margaret Head
Mary Head
Sarah Head
Bridget Henly
Ellen Henley
Sarah Hickey
Bridget Hogan
Mary Holey
Catherine Honan
Marianna Howe
Eliza Hughes
Mary Hughes
Theresa Hughes
Mary Jeffery
Bridget Keane
Mary Ann Keagan
Catherine Keefe
Mary Keefe
Catherine Keenan
Margaret Keenan
Mary Keenan
Ann Kelly (3)
Ann Kelly (4)
Bridget Kelly (2)
Catherine Kelly
Hannah Kelly
Maria Kelly
Mary Kelly (3)
Winifred Kelly
Ann Kenally
Mary Kenna
Catherine Kennedy
Ellen Kennedy
Kate Kennedy
Margaret Kennedy
Mary Kennedy
Mary Kennedy (2)
Jane Knight
Catherine Kyley
Catherine Lanagan
Honora Larkins
Mary Lee
Mary Ann Lockett
Biddy Long
Ann Lowry
Ann Lyons
Bridget Maddigan
Bridget Magrath
Eliza Magrath
Ellen MacGrath
Mary Magrath
Anna Maher
Catherine Maher
Margaret Maher
Mary Maher (2)
Mary Mahoney (2)
Honora Maloney
Eliza Mara
Mary Mara
Ann Marks
Bridget McCarthy
Catherine McCarthy
Ellen McCourt
Ellen McCrae
Eliza McDonald
Johanna McDonald
Margaret McDonald
Mary McDonald
Mary McDonough
Catherine McDowal
Catherine McElroy
Ellen McElroy
Mary Ann McElroy
Catherine McGuinnes
Mary McGrath
Mary McGrath (2)
Catherine McGuire
Mary McGuire
Mary McLoughlin
Bridget McMahon
Bridget McMahon (2)
Hannah McMahon
Harriet McManus
Catherine McNamara
Mary McNamara (3)
Anna Mellamphy
Bridget Miniter
Margaret Miniter
Ellen Monoghan
Bridget Mooney
Margaret Moore
Margaret Moore (2)
Mary Moran (2)
Eliza Moseley
Margaret Moyle
Rose Mulligan
Ellen Murphy
Peggy Murphy
Jane Murray
Mary Ann Murray
Ellen Myers
Ann Ellen Neigle
Ann Nelligan
Eliza Nelligan
Ann Nicholas
Ann Noble
Ann Nolan
Mary Ann O'Brien
Milly O'Brien
Sarah O'Brien
Ann O'Donnell
Bridget O'Donnell
Ellen O'Donnell
Sarah O'Malley
Rebecca Orpe
Catherine Osborne
Margaret Osborne
Catherine Perkison
Jane Perkison
Eliza Perratt
Judy Pound
Mary Powers
Johanna Quick
Mary Quiglan
Ellen Quinn
Mary Ratcliff
Martha Reid
Mary Roach
Theresa Robinson
Mary Rowland
Bridget Russell
Bridget Ryan
Catherine Ryan
Ellen Ryan
Judy Ryan
Margaret Ryan (2)
Mary Ryan (2)
Mary Ryan (3)
Mary Ryan (4)
Mary Ryan (5)
Mary Ann Ryan
Mary Ann Sands
Ellen Sankey
Catherine Scandlin
Anastatia Serson
Thomasine Serson
Bridget Sexton
Mary Shanahan
Margaret Shea
Catherine Sheedy
Margaret Sheedy
Mary Smith
Sarah Sparrell
Ann Stapleton
Susan Stewart
Mary Sullivan
Catherine Thompson
Mary Ann Thompson
Ann Tierney
Honor Tierney
Janet Troy
Honor Turner
Eliza Upton
Jane Vaughan
Margaret Ward
Mary Welsh
Winney Whelan
Margaret White
Mary White
Ann Whittaker
Ann Williams
Eliza Williams
Ann Willoughby
Ann Wilson
Mary Wyse

Irish Famine Orphans and their Supervisors who arrived in Victoria on the "New Liverpool"


Mary Ann Murray (2) - Head Matron (accompanied by her daughters, Eliza Murray and Caroline Murray)
Susan Burton - Sub-Matron
Catherine Conning - Teacher
Catherine Grainger - Teacher
Eliza Quin - Needlewoman

Famine Orphans

Ellen Barry
Maria Bingham
Ellen Blanchfield
Ellenor Boyle
Mary Boyle (4)
Biddy Brennan
Biddy Brennan (2)
Biddy Brennan (3)
Judith Brennan
Catherine Brien (2)
Eliza Brien
Grace Brien
Mary Brien (2)
Bridget Burgen
Fanny Burn
Eliza Burns (3)
Judy Burns
Ellen Butler (2)
Mary Butler
Mary Butler (2)
Mary Ann Butler
Judy Cahan
Mary Calaran
Johanna Callaghan
Mary Carley
Margaret Carlyon
Ann Carney
Mary Carney
Mary Casey
Mary Cavanagh
Ellen Cleary
Jane Colbourne
Mary Coleman
Bridget Conlan
Winifred Connelly
Catherine Coogan
Susan Cooper
Ellen Corbett
Catherine Costello
Mary Croke
Ellen Cummerford
Ellen Curran
Catherine Curry
Mary Daley
Mary Dawson
Ellen Dea
Margaret Dempsey
Ellen Donavan
Alice Donnelly
Catherine Donnell
Mary Donohue
Mary Doran
Ann Doyle
Catherine Doyle
Eliza Doyle
Mary Doyle (4)
Catherine Duggan
Catherine Dunn
Jane Dunn
Margaret Dwyer
Celia Edwards
Anny Egan
Catherine Egan
Catherine Fahan
Honora Farrell
Bridget Fitzgerald
Honora Fitzgerald
Hannah Fitzgerald
Judith Flood
Mary Flood
Bridget Flynn
Catherine Foran
Ellen Freyler
Biddy Georan
Ann Gilliard
Sarah Gilson
Mary Goggan
Amelia Gold
Jane Goodwin
Ellen Gould
Ann Gray
Catherine Grady
Mary Grady
Margaret Green
Bridget Griffin
Mary Griffin
Catherine Haley
Mary Hanlon
Sarah Hanlon
Jane Hannis
Mary Hanratty
Sarah Hare
Mary Hayes
Catherine Hickey
Eliza Hickey
Ellen Honan
Margaret Hughes (3)
Mary Hughes (2)
Hannah Jackson
Jane Jones
Margaret Jones
Mary Kavanagh
Mary Kearney
Mary Ann Kegan
Bridget Kelly (3)
Catherine Kelly (4)
Hannah Kelly (2)
Mary Kelly (4)
Mary Kelly (5)
Mary Kelly (6)
Ellen Kennedy (2)
Ann Kenny
Ellen Kenny
Johanna Kenny
Mary Kinsela
Catherine Laughlin
Maria Leary
Ellen Looney
Mary McCann
Bridget McCarthy (2)
Margaret McCarthy (2)
Biddy McDermot
Mary McDermot
Bridget McGrath
Isabella McGuire
Catherine McKey
Alice McMahon
Ann McQuillian
Maria Mackey
Catherine Mahon
Mary Mahoney (3)
Nancy Mara
Margaret Martin
Mary Mode
Bridget Moore (2)
Marianne Moore
Bridget Murphy (3)
Bridget Murphy (4)
Eliza Murphy
Margaret Murphy (2)
Mary Murphy (3)
Mary Murphy (4)
Mary Murtagh
Margaret Neil
Mary Noonan
Ellen Nugent
Ann Oates
Mary O'Brien (3)
Ann Power
Margaret Power
Mary Power
Mary Power (2)
Ellen Preston
Margaret Price (2)
Margaret Purcell
Mary Quin
Ellen Quirk
Mary Quirk
Catherine Redman
Mary Reilly
Ellen Rice
Mary Rice
Mary Riley
Bridget Ryan (2)
Catherine Ryan (2)
Mary Ryan (6)
Mary Ryan (7)
Mary Ryan (8)
Margaret Sharkey
Mary Ann Sharkey
Bridget Shea
Catherine Shea
Honoria Shea
Ellen Sheedy
Margaret Sheedy (2)
Margaret Sheehan
Catherine Slattery
Margaret Slattery
Mary Slattery (2)
Mary Small
Mary Jane Somerville
Mary Spratt
Aby Sullivan
Bridget Sullivan
Catherine Sullivan
Catherine Sullivan (2)
Margaret Sullivan (2)
Mary Ann Sullivan
Alice Sweeny
Ann Sweeny
Eliza Thompson
Sarah Thompson
Mary Thornton
Mary Tobin
Catherine Tool
Margaret Viccars
Mary Wallace
Ann Walsh
Ann Walsh (2)
Catherine Walsh
Margaret Walsh
Margaret Walsh (2)
Margaret Walsh (3)
Mary Ann Walsh
Catherine Walters
Mary Ward
Bridget Watson

Irish Famine Orphans and their Supervisors who arrived in Victoria on the "Diadem"


Sarah Carson
Isabella Magamsey
Susanna Noblet
Mary Ann Graham
Mary Machlen
Amy Machlen

Famine Orphans

Eliza Abrahams
Mary Achison
Eliza Ady
Eliza Armstrong (2)
Alice Ball
Jane Ball
Lydia Barber
Elizabeth Barnett
Susan Best (2)
Margaret Betty
Sarah Black
Elizabeth Boyd
Ellen Brennan
Mary Ann Brennan
Margaret Brooks
Anne Brown
Isabella Brown
Nancy Brown
Anne Bryaer
Mary Burns
Jane Byng
Mary Byng
Catherine Cahill
Margaret Caldwell
Rebecca Cambridge
Eliza Campbell
Ann Carr
Eliza Christie
Mary Anne Cochrane
Mary Conroy
Anne Cosgrove
Margaret Courdy
Anne Cowen
Margaret Cowley (2)
Catherine Cramston
Mary Crane
Margaret Cregan
Eliza Anne Cunningham
Jane Cunningham
Mary Danaghy
Catherine Dawson
Ann Dempsey
Margaret Develin
Maria Dogherty
Alice Dolan
Jane Dolan
Mary Doolan
Sarah Doran
Mary Duffy
Jane Elliott
Eliza Jane Ellis
Eliza Ewing
Catherine Farman
Mary Ferguson
Ellen Fitzsimmons
Mary Fitzsimmons
Margaret Gage
Elizabeth Gallagher
Isabella Geatens
Mary Anne Gibbons
Jane Givins
Susan Gordon
Maria Gowdy
Anne Grady
Mary Graham
Mary Jane Graham
Jane Gray
Jane Hagan
Rebecca Hall
Catherine Halliday
Nancy Halliday
Sarah Halliday
Mary Ann Hardy
Maria Harrison
Jane Harton
Isabella Hetherington
Eliza Haggerston
Sarah Hill
Jane Hillard
Biddy Hines
Catherine Hughes
Margaret Hughes 2
Eliza Hume
Margaret Hunt
Eliza Hunter
Jane Hunter
Mary Jameson
Mary Jane Jeffreys
Catherine Johnston
Mary Johnston
Catherine Kean
Mary Kean
Eliza Kearney
Anne Kelly
Mary Jane Kelly
Susan Kelly
Eliza Kerr
Jane Liddy
Anne Little
Jane Little
Margaret Love
Sarah Love
Mary McAlhoney
Agnes McAllister
Catherine McArdell
Mary McArthur
Nancy McArthur
Jane McCabe
Ann McCann
Catherine McCann
Mary Anne McCann
Sarah McCann (2)
Isabella McConway
Anne McDermott
Arabella McDonnell
Anne McDouall
Jane McElhill
Jane McEwan
Elizabeth McFarlane
Catherine McGaulich
Jane McGee
Mary McGill
Mary Jane McGrath
Jane McGuinness
Jane McGuire
Margaret McGuire
Sarah McGuire
Isabella McKeevar
Anne McKenna
Sarah McKenna
Anne McKinlay
Margaret McLay
Margaret McLean (2)
Jane McLough
Elizabeth McLoughlin
Jane McLoughlin
Margaret McLoughlin
Nancy McLoughlin
Mary Anne McLure
Ann McMaher
Margaret McManus
Mary Ann McMaster
Sarah Jane McMullen
Margaret McNally
Biddy McQuid
Jane McQuinn
Catherine McSorley
Mary McSorley
Mary Anne McSorley
Biddy McVay
Eliza Marshall
Elizabeth Marshall
Margaret Marshall
Anne Martin
Margaret Maynes
Elizabeth Miller
Ellen Morgan
Susanna Morrison
Catherine Mulgreen
Sarah Mulligan
Martha Murdoch
Anne Murphy
Catherine Murphy
Mary Anne Murphy
Rose Murphy
Elizabeth Nichols
Isabella Orr
Rebecca Orr
Mary Osborne
Mary Park
Margaret Paul
Mary Peacock
Jane Quinn
Mary Quinn
Mary Quinn (2)
Sarah Reed
Bridget Riley
Catherine Riley
Jane Riley
Mary Anne Riley
Rose Riley
Agnes Robinson
Margaret Ross
Nancy Shannon
Elizabeth Sharkey
Ann Sloane
Jane Sloane
Mary Sloane
Margaret Smith (2)
Margaret Stewart
Eliza Stirrup
Margaret Sturdy
Elizabeth Taylor
Mary Jane Taylor
Susan Thomas
Mary Ann Thompson
Ann Todd
Sarah Totten
Letitia Trotter
Ellen Tully
Eliza Weir
Catherine Wherry
Jane Wherry
Charlotte Wilcocks
Jemima Wilcocks
Mary Anne Wilson
Margaret Woodside
Jane Young

Irish Famine Orphans and their Supervisors who arrived in Victoria on the "Derwent"


Famine Orphans

Ann Arbuckle
Mary Arbuckle
Sarah Arbuckle
Eliza Armstrong
Mary Armstrong
Sarah Armstrong
Sarah Beatty
Jane Blair
Mary Boyle (5)
Mary Boyle (6)
Bessy Brian
Biddy Brian
Margaret Brighton
Margaret Burns
Ellen Campbell
Mary Cassidy
Ellen Cliffordy
Catherine Connelly (2)
Letitia Connelly
Isabella Criggan
Mary Criggan
Biddy Curran (2)
Mary Ann Dickson
Ann Drum
Fanny Duffy
Mary Early (2)
Lucy Ellis
Ann Farmer
Biddy Farmer
Mary Farmer
Catherine Flaherty
Mary Gilloghly
Mary Gillon
Helena Gormely
Eliza Graham
Eliza Greenfield
Catherine Hafferty
Biddy Hamilton
Margaret Hogan
Jane Hoins
Sarah Howell
Mary Hurles
Jane Hutchison
Catherine Keenan (2)
Bridget Kelly (4)
Jane Lafferty
Ann Lee
Margaret Lee
Jane Little (2)
Catherine Loye
Bessy Lynch
Margaret Lyons
Anne McAnally
Biddy McBryan
Mary Ann McCabe
Mary McCluskey
Eliza McConaghy
Mary McCready
Isabella McCrystal
Mary Anne McCulloch
Mary McDonnell (2)
Ann McDonough
Rose McEgan
Mary McFadden
Catherine McGee
Margaret McGenniss
Mary McGill (2)
Bessy McGowen
Catherine McGrady
Catherine McGrath
Catherine McGuire (3)
Catherine McGuire (4)
Catherine McGuire (5)
Ellen McGuire
Jane McGuire (2)
Margaret McGuire (2)
Mary McHugh
Catherine McKelville
Margaret McKendry
Ann McKenna
Margaret McKeon
Mary Ann McKeon
Rose McLachlan
Catherine McMahon
Jane McMahon
Ann McManus
Margaret McManus (2)
Mary McManus
Mary McMonagle
Catherine McMurray
Sarah McQuade
Catherine McShean
Jane McWard
Mary McWard
Margaret McWilliams
Ann Melanophy
Mary Melanophy
Rose Melanophy
Mary Moor
Catherine Murphy (2)
Ellen Murphy (2)
Ellen Murphy (3)
Margaret Murphy (4)
Margaret Murphy (5)
Bridget Murray
Margaret Noble
Ann O'Brien
Margaret O'Donnell
Mary O'Neill
Mary Patterson
Mary Perry
Eliza Rice
Mary Robinson
Ann Rooney
Mary Rooney
Sarah J. Sharkey
Biddy Sheridan
Fanny Sheridan
Isabella Taylor
Mary Jane Taylor (2)
Jane Tiernay
Mary Tierney
Mary Toye
Ann Trainer
Bridget Tummany
Jane Wason
Biddy Wilson
Elizabeth Woolahan
Martha Woolahan
Elizabeth Wray
Mary Ann Wray
Johanna Wright
Ann Wymess
Mary Wynn
Rose Wynn
Ann Young

Irish Famine Orphans and their Supervisors who arrived in Victoria on the "Eliza Caroline"


Jane Ingram - Head Matron
Catherine Barns - Sub-Matron
Mary Cormack - Sub-Matron
Eliza Conolly - Sub-Matron
Priscilla Mitchell - Sub-Matron

Famine Orphans

Margaret Arnold
Mary Baker
Mary Anne Bent
Susan Best
Martha Bird
Mary Bolger
Margaret Bourke
Jane Boyle
Mary Bowler
Ann Bradly
Mary Brady
Ann Brennan
Ellen Brien
Ellen Brien (2)
Margaret Brien
Mary Briskett
Margaret Britt
Catherine Brown
Eliza Brown
Margaret Bryan
Margaret Bryan (2)
Ellen Buckley
Jane Buckley
Mary Burke
Eliza Burns
Eliza Burns (2)
Alice Butler
Ellen Butler
Judith Cahill
Julia Cahill
Bridget Cain
Mary Campbell
Mary Ann Campbell
Alice Carrol
Mary Carrol
Mary Carey
Ann Cathcart
Jane Cathcart
Mary Clarke
Mary Clenane
Mary Coghlan
Ellen Collins
Mary Collins
Mary Condon
Ellen Connell
Catherine Connelly
Ellen Connolly
Ellen Connor
Margaret Connor
Mary Connor
Mary Connors
Bridget Considine
Bridget Corbett
Catherine Corbett
Catherine Cormack
Catherine Coughlan
Catherine Crowly
Bridget Crummins
Mary Cullinane
Bridget Daly
Margaret Daly
Mary Dancey
Mary Daniel
Mary Delane
Judith Delaney
Ellen Desmond
Mary Desmond
Mary Doherty
Catherine Donovan
Eliza Donovan
Ellen Donovan
Margaret Donovan
Mary Donovan
Julia Dorney
Ann Driscoll
Bridget Driscoll
Johanna Driscoll
Judith Driscoll
Mary Driscoll
Mary Dwiney
Bridget Dwyer
Ann Edwards
Margaret Fanning
Mary Fanning
Eliza Farrell
Rebecca Faulkener
Margaret Finlan
Alice Fitzgerald
Ellen Fitzgerald
Ellen Fitzgerald (2)
Eliza Fitzpatrick
Bridget Flood
Bridget Foley
Mary Foley
Julia Foster
Catherine Freney
Margaret Gehan
Alice Glavin
Rosa Gore
Mary Green
Mary Green (2)
Mary Greghan
Alice Haley
Sarah Haley
Winifred Haley
Amelia Hall
Eliza Hannan
Honora Harrigan
Margaret Harrington
Margaret Mary Hawkins
Mary Helen
Mary Hicks
Honora Hogan
Mary Hogarty
Ellen Holland
Margaret Holland
Margaret Honan
Ellen Hurley
Honora Hurley
Johanna Hurley
Judith Hynes
Ann Irwin
Mary Ann Johnston
Mary Keating
Ann Kelly
Bridget Kelly
Mary Kelly
Mary Ann Kiernan
Bridget Landrigan
Mary Laughlin
Mary Lawless
Ellen Leary
Jane Leary
Ann Leonard
Ellen Leonard
Mary Leonard
Mary Lodge
Margaret Loftus
Mary Looney
Mary McAvoy
Johanna McCall
Sarah McCann
Ellen McCarthy
Judy McCarthy
Margaret McCarthy
Mary McCarty
Ellen McCaull
Ann McConnell
Catherine McDade
Mary McDonnell
Mary McGarvey
Mary McGorvan
Mary McGovern
Ann McGrath
Ann McGinty
Mary McInnerny
Mary McKern
Bridget McKey
Mary Ann McLean
Bridget McNamara
Mary McNamara
Eliza McQuage
Anne McReady
Mary Maher
Honora Mahon
Honora Mahoney
Mary Mahoney
Mary Ann Malone
Ellen Maloney
Mary Maloney
Mary Manillus
Margaret Manogue
Alice Mararkey
Ann Moroney
Bridget Mellaney
Mary Mellaney
Jane Miller
Eliza Minahan
Ellen Minahan
Mary Minahan
Judy Mooney
Bridget Moore
Mary Mulfohey
Mary Mullins
Ann Murphy
Bridget Murphy
Bridget Murphy (2)
Hannah Murphy
Margaret Murphy
Mary Murphy
Honora Navin
Mary Neale
Bridget Nolan
Jane Nolan
Bridget O'Brien
Johanna O'Brien
Margaret O'Brien
Mary O'Brien
Ellen O'Hara
Margaret O'Meara
Mary O'Meara
Margaret Orr
Mary Ann Owens
Margaret Price
Eliza Pye
Sarah Quail
Judy Quinahan
Margaret Quinlan
Mary Redman
Eliza Reed
Mary Rivers
Eliza Rochford
Catherine Rooney
Margaret Ryan
Mary Scott
Jane Seymour
Mary Ann Skelly
Mary Slattery
Mary Stack
Margaret Stoke
Eliza Sullivan
Ellen Sullivan
Margaret Sullivan
Margaret Tobin
Bridget Toole
Bridget Wade
Catherine Wallace
Catherine Ward
Jane Ward
Mary Waxted
Judith Welsh
Mary Ann Welsh
Ann Whelan
Honora Whelan
Mary Whelan
Bridget Whittaker
Margaret Whittaker

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