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Inquest Deposition File - William Irwin is associated with Nagambie, Victoria located at these coordinates -36.7843071, 145.1547042

Inquest into the death of senior constable William Irwin in Nagambie, Victoria.

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Record Citation: VPRS 24/P0 unit 432 item 1881/1517
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Agency: VA 862 Office of the Registrar-General and the Office of Titles
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Date: 20/12/1881
Record Type: Inquest
Event Type: Inquisition
Language: en
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User Tags: inquest, inquisition, death, accident, horse, nagambie, police, constable

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00 Inquest William Irwin Cover.jpg 1

Magisterial inquiry held in the police court Nagambie this 29th day of December 1881 touching? the cause of death of Senior Constable Irwin on the 28th day of December 1881 in Mr Ready's paddock parish of Wahring. William Hugh Lawrence Mullighan, sworn saith I am a teacher residing at Daylesford, but staying at present in Nagambie. I knew the late Senior Constable William Irwin. I last saw him alive at about 3 o'clock yesterday the 28th instant. I preceeded with deceased to Mr. Patrick Ready's paddock at Wahring. We went for the purpose of bringing in a body of a man named Altree reported as lying there. We drove to the place in a buggy in company with a (sworn at Nagambie this day 29th Dec/81 Jas Swift JP)

Inquest - William Irwin

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02 Inquest William Irwin.jpg 2

man named McDonald. It was about half past two when we drove away from Nagambie. Constable Stanley was in front on horse back. When we reached Ready's paddock we found that the buggy we had taken was not large enough to contain the body. We all got out of the trap to view the body and left the horse standing in the paddock. Deceased then said he would go to Ready's to get a dray to take the body into Nagambie. Deceased mounted Constable Stanley's horse with a view to procuring dray, and rode about a quarter of a mile. He was in view all the time. I then saw the horse riderless galloping through the paddock. I ran down and found deceased lying on (taken and sworn at Nagambie this 29 Dec/81 Jas Swift JP)

Inquest - William Irwin

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03 Inquest William Irwin.jpg 3

on the ground, his body bent double, his head underneath his breast, and his arms spread out. Blood was flowing from his ears, and nose and mouth. There was a great pool of blood near him. With Constable Stanley's assistance deceased was placed into the buggy and driven to Nagambie. Deceased did not speak but there was throbbing at his pulse as if caused by blood flowing from his body. I think the horse deceased was riding at the time of the accident must have suddenly heavily? lowered it's head with a jerk and thrown him off. He must have fallen on his head in a slanting direction. There was a small wound on deceased's forehead and, a larger one about an inch and a half (taken and sworn at Nagambie this 29th Dec/81 Jas. Swift JP)

Inquest - William Irwin

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04 Inquest William Irwin.jpg 4

square on the back of his head. There was no tree near enough for deceased to have been knocked against. The head of deceased was moving about very freely from which I should infer that a fracture of the spine had taken place, and deceased could not have been in the position I discovered him in unless there had been a fracture. Deceased was in his usual health during the day and I saw nothing to indicate the probability that his state would change. Nothing was said by deceased except that he was going for the dray. I thought when deceased rode away that he meant to leave Constable Stanley in charge of articles of apparel lying about on the ground, with a view of gathering them. (taken and sworn at Nagambie this 29th Dec/81 Jas. Swift JP)

Inquest - William Irwin

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05 Inquest William Irwin.jpg 5

I have seen a body today and identify it as that of Constable Irwin. William Hugh Lawrence Mulligan. Patrick Stanley, sworn, saith, at about 2 o'clock on the afternoon of yesterday the 28th instant I went to Mr. Ready's paddock at Wahring to assist in moving a dead body said to be lying there. Shortly after my arrival deceased in company with the last witness drove up in a buggy. I had searched the body and had tied up my horse. We then found that it would be inconvenient to put the body in the buggy brought by the deceased, and deceased then said he would go to Mr. Ready's house to borrow a dray for the purpose. Deceased mounted my

Inquest - William Irwin

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06 Inquest William Irwin.jpg 6

horse and rode away at a gallop. The horse seemed to increase it's speed as it went on, and when deceased was about a quarter of a mile distance I lost sight of him for a minute and then saw the horse galloping away without a rider. I got into the buggy and drove down as fast as I could. The last witness had got there shortly before me and was raising up deceased when I arrived. I consider that life was extinct from the appearance of the deceased eyes, and I could feel no pulsation. I could not say in what position he had lain as the last witness had him partially raised when I reached the spot. There was a large pool of blood close to the deceased's body, and blood

Inquest - William Irwin

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07 Inquest William Irwin.jpg 7

was flowing from the ears and mouth. The place where deceased fell was very hard ground - it had been an old cart track. I infer that death was instantaneous and it was caused by a fall from the horse that deceased had been riding. I noticed in bringing home the body in the buggy that deceased's head moved about loosely as if the spine had been broken. I had known deceased for nearly two years. He was in his usual health yesterday according to all appearance. He was a married man and had a family, and was in charge of the Police Barracks at Nagambie. I saw a body at the Police Barracks this morning which I identify as that of the late Senior Constable Irwin. The horse deceased

Inquest - William Irwin

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08 Inquest William Irwin Cover.jpg 8

was thrown from is not a particularly quiet horse and before deceased got upon it I tightened the girths. The horse when galloping is in the habit of lowering his head bucking - that is when he is fresh. It has bucked with me, not hard, but a person not accustomed to riding him would be thrown. P. Stanley constable 2786

I find that deceased came by his death by a fall from a horse. Jas. Swift JP. Dec. 29th 1881

Inquest - William Irwin


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