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State Bank of Victoria House Plans and Designs 0010.jpg
State Bank of Victoria House Plans and Designs
VPRS 8933/P0437, Unit 2, Item 437-16

We're crowdsourcing stories of the home you grew up in.

To join in, create a page using the Photographic Image Form. Add a photo of the home (exterior, interior, backyard - you decide) and describe some of your memories of home. 

Perhaps we have some records at the Public Record Office Victoria to help you tell your story. Take a look at our 'Wiki Streets' as great examples of how to tell a street story.

Wiki Streets

Albert Street, Sebastopol

East Street, Ballarat East

Victorian Era Victoria Street Flemington

Wiki Home Memories

Allotment 5, Section 42, Clunes Road, North Creswick contributed by Di Hughes

6 Marian Court Blackburn contributed by Robbie Stockfeld

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